Absent of all Fact, the GOP goes with a Lie

January 25, 2009

Let me give my favorite fans, the wing nut tribe, another reason to bitch.  This is why I am sick of the GOP.  Either the GOP live on another planet or we (the masses) really don’t count.

Thanks to Republican economic policies, the U.S. economy is robust and job creation is strong.

WTF?  This is just unbelievable.  The GOP have people that believe this crap?  It is a sad day to note at least 45% of Americans believe this tripe.   I can only wonder what is really up with stupid?

Republican tax cuts are creating jobs and continuing to strengthen the economy, yet there is still more to do so that every American who wants a job can find one.  Congressional Republicans understand that many Americans are working hard to make ends meet. That is why the GOP continues to push for pro-growth policies that create jobs and oppose tax increases that would add a burden to working families and set back our economy.

You’ve got to be kidding me with this nonsense.  Last time I checked people were losing jobs, not gaining them.  Currently the GOP is still carring on petty arguments over giving big business tax cuts.  But their site want to pretend they want to help the middle class??

Yes, I do have a problem with bullshit.  No I am not bitter to note that someone is spouting silliness.  By all means read the article for yourself here.  Do me a favor and do not come back with any other conversation then what this article is portraying.  I do not want to hear about Clinton, Frank Barnes, Blago, or any one else.  Let’s stick with the issue.


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