Why People in Love Stay Together?

January 25, 2009

Oh…I’m so impressed. What the heck? Sorry folks, I’m black and loving one another is not a mystery. This is just too get on the couch for analysis for me. Why is it now we need to examine why people that actually like and love one another do it? Props for those that are ready to embarrass themselves by pointing out the reality of the fact that Obama is not white and does not live in the world of being a lying cheating player (not that all white people do, or black people.  But in the world of politics the whites have the blacks beat in cheating).

Oh yea, dig the commentators use of the word “fisting” when it comes to describing the fist bump.  Jeez…what is wrong with these people?

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  1. Believe it or not what makes people love is ugly. It’s how we fight when we fight. It’s how we apologize when we finally realize we are wrong. It’s how we make up after a fight. If it’s worth doing all over again, then that’s love. If the bastard never gets it, then it’s easier to go get someone who will admit they are wrong. We love knowing we are right. Michelle Obama knows she is right and Obama gets it.


    What kind of love doc is she? What the hell is fisting? It’s good that people are finally realizing that black folks do have long lasting relationships that are real.

    But did that so-called love doc have to put FISTING in as an example of the Obamas love making?

    Come on! Of course it is from FOX NEWS or one of their affiliates.

  3. Who else can do loving with a dash of bullshit but Fox-Fake News? What else can they do? Obama won and it is what it is. They spent much time trying to make it something else. Did they do a loving episode for the Bush family? No. Guess George W. Bush didn’t love Laura enough. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

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