Another Nut Hits the Planet

January 27, 2009

burris-arrogancdeI’ve expressed my felling before in regard to Burris.  But just like Blagojevich he is suffering from delusion.

Speaking this morning at a Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast, the state’s new junior U.S. senator, Roland Burris said that without Burris’ own trailblazing, Barack Obama never would have been elected president.

“If there was no Martin Luther King Jr. and no Roland Burris, there would be no Barack Obama in the White House today,” Burris said to cheers at a Rainbow PUSH Coalition breakfast in Chicago. “We must recognize, friends, that we all stand on each other’s shoulders.”

Now we can better understand why Blagojevich picked him.  Two peas in a pod.   Spare me the excuse he is talking about  his struggle being a Black man.  His arrogance knows no bounds and his delusions rival psychedelic drugs.



  1. Well it seems we somewhat agree on something, which is good for neighbors to do, Chamay01. 🙂

    I knew Burris was a vulture, but I didn’t know he had the mitigated to show himself at a function honoring MLK. How can a “token” in Blago’s personal game with the Dems have the nerve to do so?

    I still say that the Senate should have seated him as the law required then immediately expelled him as that same law allows.

  2. Me and you are on one accord for that. After peeking his whole card I am still saying WTF? He should have never be selected. Blago, who has nothing else, should have opted for dignity. But what do you think about Norm Colman’s troubles. What’s up with our politicians being criminals? Can we catch a break at all? Democrats or republicans they just can’t keep their hands out of the cookie jar, now can they?

  3. Politicians are corrupt – et al. That is true of each and every one them to one extent or another. I think it’s actually impossible not to be corrupt and also be an at least somewhat effective politician.

    In Coleman’s case though, he came out on the wrong end of an election when Franken either won or stole the MN seat. Since Coleman fought the long hard fight, he’s going to be vilified by his enemies in any way possible; that’s modern American political doctrine.

  4. Yes, but accepting money through loop holes for your campaign has never been considered a good idea. What the hell do they be thinking? Are is that they are just crooks and so use to that life style that anything goes?

  5. Sometimes, Chamay01 shear venal greed is the cause, and sometimes it’s the win-by-any-means philosophy that’s the cause.

    An example:
    Obama received many, many millions of dollars for his campaign from unknown parties, many of which may have foreigners, which is illegal. A loophole in the law surrounding small individual donations allowed his people to legally ignore that though.

    Now, Obama – despite being from Chicago – seems less corrupt than many politicians, and he got involved in campaign finance shenanigans So, what do we have to expect from politicians who have had longer careers and more opportunity for such misbehavior?

    As I said, Politicians are corrupt – et al.

  6. I thought you were above the fray. Come on. McCain had his own donation problems. Most of them for either one of them were nit picking BS. So what? That does not change the fact that Norm Coleman is as dirty as yesterday’s garbage. Just like Ted Stevens. I can easily admit their are dirty democrats without reaching out to accusing a republican. Can you do the same?

    Stop putting taint on Obama. I would not have done so if McCain had won. Why? Because even if I don’t agree with him or the campaign he ran, I respect him for who he is.

    That invitation is not extended to Ted Stevens or Norm Coleman. I know you can do better than that. We are on opposite sides but I thought we had become friends and could be honest and open. Dirt is dirt. Blaming it on someone else is not productive. Norm Colman is standing in that box alone. Trying to say President Obama stands with him is the same as me saying McCain (had he won) stands with him.

  7. I was merely using Obama’s campaign finance issue as an example of how even honest seeming / sounding politicians end up corrupted in some fashion, especially during campaigns. I thought I had made that clear.

    Rangel, Coleman, Stevens, both Clintons, and few others are just the ones that are both at the deep end of the slime pool and sloppy enough to get caught. I firmly believe that all politician are corrupt. That includes both McCain and Obama.

    I didn’t honestly mean to make it sound like Obama was the worst of them, if that’s how you took it.

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