Federal Govenment & Contraceptives

January 27, 2009

For 8 years we have been playing the game of absenteeism as a real option for the prevention of sex; and, like all the other Bush policies, it did not work. Now that we have a new president who is not oppose to spending federal dollars to educate young people for protection from unwanted pregnancies, STDs and AIDs, I should believe that the GOP have a valid point to stand on? I’m to believe that this is the government’s stab at reducing and controlling the population like in China?

I am beyond sick of the double standard of the GOP and the wing nut tribe. When Jamie Spears got pregnant the wing nut tribe had a fields day at her expense of being an unwed mother (even though the chick is rich). But when good old boy girl Palin’s teenage daughter turned up pregnant all was well and besides they could afford the baby.

Enough with the nonsense. The damn federal government should spend money to promote safe sex practices.  I’ve had enough of the double standard of conservative belief for right of life.  Our children also have the right to not get pregnant or an STD or AIDs. It will save money in the long term for health coverage and it will hopefully pull our teenagers out of the hole of babies having babies. Especially in the big cities where, you know, those minorities live.

Sorry, I am not buying into this typically fear mongering strategy.

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