I’m Having A Real Problem with The GOP & Rush’s Problem with Job Creation

January 27, 2009

rush-the-slobRush Limbaugh also seems to have a problem with the the stimulus package going through because of the jobs it would create.  I’ve discussed this subject before.  I’m having a hard time even pretending that I like the wing nuts (such as Rush) or the GOP for that matter.

Considering all the jobs that are still being lost (while those that are in the executive positions continue to go on junkets, buy jets, and give bonuses), I’m finding little reason to respect those that oppose Americans getting back to work and have some sort of job security and confidence in our economy.

Limbaugh has encouraged Republicans to oppose the stimulus plan because it would give Democrats an electoral advantage by creating new jobs.

“I think Obama wants me to fail,” Limbaugh said. “President Obama, by telling you and the elected Republicans in Washington to not listen to me because I am not how things get done in Washington, he has said that he wants me to fail.

That this overpaid piece of turd thinks that what President Obama said was about him being important, really only shows Rush is suffering from self delusion.  More to the point, President Obama was stating the obvious.  The GOP needs to stop listening to the right wing set of their party and start making decisions based on the bulk of the American people.

Let’s see just how many GOP representatives say they stand behind Rush.  So far I am still waiting.  Rush also has his manifesto out about the Obama-Limbaugh Bipartisan Stimulus.  Trust me it is filled with Rush’s usual misinformation and paranoid.  You want to read it, Google it.



  1. I’m not a great fan of Rush myself, but part of your post is a bit off. I don’t think a bare 52% of those that voted – which leaves out a disturbing number of the Religious Right who couldn’t tolerate either candidate – constitutes “the bulk” of the American people.

    I think the GOP is doing just fine as long as they force Obama to fight tooth and nail for every inch of ground he moves this country towards the Left, Socialism, and absolute failure.

    What will be telling is whether the GOP can focus its efforts on those things and avoid sliding into nothing more than partisan opposition ala the Democrats over the last 8 years. Frankly, I don’t hold out much hope on that score.

  2. I can respect you for your opinion on that score for the GOP to try to make President Obama fight. Not that I think they will win or that President Obama will fight. Sorry, he does not have to. He may be willing to not embarrass them by not putting it all out there but he is not fighting.

    You must stop forgetting that I am a moderate. I have no deep interest in the extreme left. Obviously, nor does our new President. He is doing what not too many other president’s have tried, working with the other side. Bush did not do it, nor Clinton. The GOP is fighting for identity which I think is dumb. They need to spend more time on getting control of their silly fractions and become cohesive again. Right now they are fragmented. Fighting President Obama will not bode well for them. Unlike Kristol, I know what I’m talking about.

  3. I voted for Obama, let me make that disclaimer first. However, does anyone have their finger on the thoughts of the public re: the GOP? It seems that they were the ones on watch when TARP funds were allowed to be used for big executive bailouts, at AIG for example. It seems to me that their solidarity against the new vote for the stimulus package, with no one even considering Obama’s way to solve the problem may come across as the GOP just trying to hold on to an outmoded, good old boys way of doing things.

    However, I may be seeing this from my own perspective, which is that I’m damn glad Obama is in, I identified him early on as someone who felt just “different” than all other candidates, liberal and conservative, and I’ll do whatever I can to help the government succeed.

    So I may just be viewing the GOP through that lense. But it seems to me that they are making a Collective Asses out of themselves. With friends like Rush Limbaugh, who needs enemies? He’s like the democrats’ Ron Bad Hair Blagovich (sp).

    If I were GOP, I’d be trying to get cooperation from Obama’s side since he’s the one whose party holds all the cards for now. And I’d try to show how cooperative my party was and attempt to cast the GOP as held hostage by Bush/Cheney folks. But again, I may be expecting too much out of them. How can they bitch and moan and second guess (which they have the perfect right to do) when they had EIGHT YEARS to do whatever it was that they thought best?

    Thanks for letting me blab about this.

  4. I can listen to your blab all day long. I too may be wearing color lens glasses, but something is not right with the stance the GOP is taking. It’s starting to come off like they are against the people. Look at this week. They’ve been all over the TV complaining, crying, whining and begging about the stimulus. Mean time in the real world the banks has been committing rape with our TARP money. Not one republican has stepped forward to complain. They are so focused on themselves its starting to be an assault on my ears just to listen to them.

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