This One Last Thought?

January 28, 2009

What the hell is the difference between welfare for the poor and corporate welfare for the banking industry?  Welfare is welfare.  We must shun helping out our fellow Americans, but must consent to helping out the banks?

There is a big difference.  One (the poor) do not have a pot to piss in, while the other (the banks) are not destitute and damn well don’t need our money if they chose to be (republican term coming up) fiscally responsible.

You’ve got to love how the republicans sell welfare.  For the poor and underdogs it’s about them trying to live off the government.  For the rich its about their need for a bailout or corporate tax.

This is why I have no time or energy to listen those town criers yelling over bank nationalization.  It’s not nationalization, it’s welfare plain and simple.



  1. It’s very simple. The rich love wealth redistribution, as long as the wealth goes upward. CEOs love welfare as long as they get their turn at the trough. The wealthy and powerful hate regulation unless it works against the needs of the workers.

    Scratch a capitalist and you’ll find a fascist lurking under the surface.

  2. Yes I know that, but had to put the truth out there. It is what it is and calling it other names does not change what it is.

    I got to admit, I just love your wit.

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