Blago is Gone

January 30, 2009

On one hand I feel yes, it is done.  But on the other hand I am aware that the standard does not seem to apply to anyone that is a republican.  Bush, Rove Cheney, Rice, Ashcroft and others got away with so much more filth.

I have a republican friend that agrees on political crookedness but will not acknowledge that it is inclusive of republicans.  No way.  They wanted me to think about Obama having questionable contributions.  Which was no less than McCain.  Considering they both had to give back, McCain more than Obama, who gives a shit?

Let’s look at Norm Coleman.  He took bribes in the name of his wife.  Then there is Ted Stevens with all his taint who got a freaking standing ovation and a personal note of friendship from Harry Reid.  Hello…but must I really point out the fact that something is wrong with that picture?

I am sick of this double standard.  If you are a democrat you must have standards, but if you are a republican then crook should be your middle name and it is acceptable.  Give me a break with this nonsense.

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