Giuliani Defends Wall Street Welfare While Slamming Tax Cuts For Poor

January 30, 2009

Well look, another dickless republican crying for the support of bonuses. Please give me a break. I worked at a company that gave bonuses and guess what? They stopped giving it to the customer service area, the people that needed it the most and only gave it to the attorney’s, the people who needed it the least.

Sorry, I am not even going to pretend that those people can take my damn money and soon to be my children’s money and give it away as bonuses. Bonuses is a sharing of the profits.  The TARP is not profits.  It’s corporate welfare at the people’s expense.

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  1. I totally agree with you. I can’t believe that Giuilani said such a stupid thing. Oh wait…I can. And these Wall Street execs authorizing these big bonuses? I hope President Obama not only shows his wrath toward them, but demands the taxpayers’ money they spent on the bonuses back. Unbelievable.

  2. Anyone who seriously believes any Wall Street exec deserves anything other than a fair trial followed by a first-class hangin’ is either an idiot or a lunatic. Oh, wait – Giulian’s both. He proved that during the election season.

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