Okay, Enough is Enough

January 30, 2009

I’ve heard of giving the underdog a chance to explain, but what the hell is up with the republican parade on TV?  This non-stop continuous parade of constant whining is ear bending.  Talk about nit picking.  They dug deep to complain about the National Mall and birth control, while shouting constantly how more capital tax cuts is the ticket.  After 8 years of that crap not working, just who the hell are they talking to?  Can the American people catch a break from this begging, please?

What part of the republicans lost for a reason is not understandable?  No one wants to listen to this partisan bickering.  They want to be in good with President Obama, attend his cocktail party and take pictures with him for keepsakes, but make sure the democrats know they are angry.  WTF?

Can we rewind reality for a minute.  The republicans are the same dumb suckers that helped America achieve its greatest embarrassments, torture, fiscal irresponsibility, horrible policies, and total ignorance of the middle class and they want us to what…?  Perhaps recognize that the republicans still have a voice?  Let me check with your new fearless leader Rush Limbaugh.  Yea, you have a Rush voice but somehow you have lost your spine.

I am currently loving Norah O’Donnell for having the right of mind to ask these GOP jackals WTF is up with this nonsense?

Give me a break with the republican clarity.   They were wearing shades for the past 8 years and now they’ve upgraded to clear glass?  Please.

I am beyond sick of listening to perpetual whiners as the current republicans have proved themselves to be.  Can we get some more reporters to challenge this dribble the republicans are pushing out?  I just want to scream wake up, damn it, you are in the minority bitches.  Stop strutting around like peacocks without feathers, acting like we owe you a damn thing.  Like most destroyers you get sent to the pit.

As far as the republicans groveling and crawling to stay in Rush’s good graces.  Well let me put it out there via Bob Cesca who sums up that strategic move

The Leader of the Republican Party

Good luck with that, Republicans. Smart!

By way of a refresher as to who’s calling the shots for the Republicans.

Rush Limbaugh Arrested On Drug Charges

Rush Limbaugh Detained With Viagra

Limbaugh Mocks Parkinson’s

Rush Limbaugh Mocks a 12-Year-Old Accident Victim

I second that, good luck with that BS.  Or, should I say, irrelevant, trivia, nonsense, going no where?  Perhaps the republicans are debasing themselves for Sarah Palin to make a comeback in 2012?  God help them if she’s going to be their party leader.  There is no hope.


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