Time for a GOP Laugh

January 30, 2009

r-saltsman-largeIt’s official.  Saltsman has dropped out of the race for the GOP chairperson race.  Hm…I wonder why?  I know it could not be because he sent out those insensitive Barack the Magic Negro CDs to all his good party member friends.

My man Sam Stein has the goodies on this one:

Chip Saltsman, a former chief aide to GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, is withdrawing from the RNC chairmanship race, just a day before the [vote].

His bid was dealt a major blow when he was found to have distributed copies of a CD featuring the racially-inflammatory song “Barack the Magic Negro.”

Today, immigration groups piled on Saltsman, drawing attention to the fact that the CD also included a song titled, “The Star Spanglish Banner.” (A full report on that is below.)

Here’s Saltsman’s letter to supporters:

Oh…how sad.  I feel for him.  Now let him go take some sensitivity training classes and come back and try again.  After all, can’t we all just get along (ha, ha, ha, ha.)

Here is their fearless speaker putting the screws to (only the wing nut tribe) American people with his own, I’m rich bitch logic.  So sad, so very sad for a once viable party.  That they have come to being sponsored by an ex-drug addict, with Viagra problems and criminal prosecution is just pathetic.


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