Last Post of the Night: Time to Scream WTF?

January 30, 2009

I, who is just a middle class — maybe — citizen must ask the big question?  WTF is going on with the bonuses and raises?

I am totally understanding President Obama’s anger over the whole shell out bonuses in our poor economy.  Not only did AIG give bonuses (yes they had the nerve) but Congress also gave themselves a raise.

Read the stories here and here.

Just utterly unbelievable.



  1. Honestly, do you think that anyone in power really cares about the working class? Of course not, there job is simply to make sure the working class doesn’t revolt. They will do the minimum required to keep the working class contempt.

    … These bonuses are just the tip of the iceberg. Do you honestly think that CITI administrators (other banks as well) went without bonuses? I’m sure the top execs took a good portion of the Bailout for themselves … their Bentley’s are secure.

  2. And the rape continues. But I do think there are some who are trying to make a change. I refuse to saddle President Obama with the position that Bush always occupied for 8 damn years. At least, until he proves otherwise.

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