Serena Willaims Wins Australian Open

January 31, 2009

Australia Tennis OpenOkay, I’m not a tennis buff and would not be caught watching it; but I love to know the outcome of who the winners are, sort of how I treat baseball and football.

Serena Williams always selects a special outfit to bring to Australia for a victory celebration. Every second year, she gets to wear it.Williams’ 6-0, 6-3 rout of Dinara Safina on Saturday earned her a 10th Grand Slam title, a fourth Australian title _ coming each odd-numbered year since 2003 _ and the No. 1-ranking.

I love when one of the Williams sisters win.  I’m a proud American and I’ll take their victory as a win for America.



  1. You go Serena girl. You got your mojo back. I wonder if Common had anything to do with it. 😉

  2. You are so wicked. Love it.

  3. Girl she is not smiling like that because she won…..you know Common is doing his thang. 😉 lol

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