Time to Shake Up the Natives

January 31, 2009

lies35I’ve been saving this post for a special moment, tonight.  So Rush dumb-ass Limbaugh thinks Sarah empty-head Palin should be the next leader of the Republican Party?  Really?  This is just too rich.  I too think she should be.  In fact please let her run in 2012, 2016 and 2020.  What better way to ensure the democrats ruling for the next 12 or 16 years.

I’m also digging her new attitude towards President Obama.  She can’t wait to have dinner with President Obama at the Alfalfa Dinner  and that’s an opportunity she would never dream of missing.

“The Alfalfa dinner, yes, in fact that’s because President Obama is scheduled to be there,” Palin said. “And how often will I have an opportunity to have dinner with the president? I will take up that offer to do so.”

Of course listening to her you would think that her and President Obama would be sitting together.  Not so fast.  She will only be one of quite a few hundred people that will be attending that dinner.  I doubt she matters, except to her self and her loving wing nut tribe, enough to be sitting at the President’s table.

One could hardly believe she’s the same person that felt President Obama was paling around with terrorist.  What happen?  Did her standards drop?  Won’t that mean she too pals around with terrorist?


One comment

  1. PolarGirl is the new face of the modern Republican party – ignorant, uneducated, shallow, vapid, self-absorbed, narcissistic, clueless, hypocritical and just plain stupid.

    And don’t forget, she “pals around” with terrorists as well. Her hunky hubby, PolarDude, only recently (during the campaign) gave up his membership in the Alaska Independence Party, a group of radical secessionists.

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