Clinton’s 1993 Budget/Stimulous Package- No Republican Votes

February 1, 2009

You’ve got to acknowledge that the Republicans are a one trick pony if ever there was one. The same complaints that the republicans levels at the  current stimulus bailout is the same one they leveled at President Clinton.

What makes this unbelievable asinine is the simple fact that Clinton was right and after 8 years of GOP bull shit, which, by the way, has brought our country to the brink of destruction, the republicans have learned nothing but how to come off sounding forever repetitive.

So much for the republicans ever becoming a new party or a party with meaning.  If the only things that makes them fiscally responsible is giving tax cuts and shrinking a hands off government then we know that shit don’t work.

Honestly, when do they start getting a clue as to why they are standing outside of the building?

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  1. Respectfully, my guess is Republicans are certain that the stimulus package won’t do jack to create new jobs or convince Americans to buy homes, cars, etc. So, why vote in favor for it? If they are wrong, so be it. Obama is president again in 2012. If they are right (which I happen to think they are) they can’t be attached to it.

    The media would have you think that 99% of the country voted for Obama, but reality is 46% didn’t. The Republican congress and senate are obligated to listen to their constituents and apparently the people that voted them into office don’t like the stimulus bill in it’s current configuration.

    I think you’d see more bi-partisanship – but democratic rhetoric has made it crystal clear. “We won – so deal with it.” And that’s perfectly OK. If the stimulus works, Obama will get all of the glory. If it doesn’t, can you say “Jimmy Carter?”

  2. Mike I respect you having your opinion and as you have noted I consider the GOP stance a repeat offender. I personally feel that after 8 years of their nonsense of doing it their way which lead directly to an economic melt down (Bush’s policies), I am unforgiving and have no time for those that caused the problem telling me how to solve it; especially, if they are going to rehash what got us into the problem (trickle down effect and a lack regulations).

    Although only 45% did not vote for Obama 70+% of Americans want him to succeed. That indicates a certain amount of trust coming from those that did not vote for him. I think President Obama has chose the right path, being the president of the people versus the house republicans being games playing ideologies.

  3. Respectfully, I want Obama to succeed as well. But, not if it means even greater government expansion than we have already. But, please don’t forget that along with Bush’s errors, Dodd, Frank and Pelosi did little to stave off the Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae debacle, which is a big part of this overall economic issue that we see in front of us. Unfortunately, Republicans and Democrats allowed themselves to fall into the trap of believing home ownership was something that any American has a right to. Which is absolutely true, IF you can pay the mortgage when the mortgage comes due. But, people got greedy on every level – people were taken advantage of by greedy mortage brokers, CEO’s who didn’t care if the loans ever got paid off as long as they got their bonuses, and many Americans who bought way more home than they should have because they thought they’d make a killing when they went to sell their home.

    It’s apparent we won’t agree, but I’ve enjoyed the discussion and we’ll just have to see how things play out.

  4. Hi Mike,

    I have to be honest, my trust is not in Pelosi, Dodd or Frank. Nor is it with any republican. The person that bears the weight of success or failure is the president. Currently that person is Obama. That’s the way it was for Bush. I will not blame the team, only the coach. We will both sit back and wait and see who it is we trust in and where that trust will lead. Of course I have to be honest that I never voted for Bush, never trusted him and felt he was a thief. But that’s just me.

    I agree that people got greedy and we are suffering because of other people’s greed that went the way of the toilet. You can see some of my insights about this at http://www.lastpostofsanity.com. But its okay to disagree. To get ugly and nasty mean we can never find a common ground, but since we did not evolve into the usual I don’t believe and lets be nasty, that means we can at least keep communicate and maybe find some common ground that we can agree on.

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