Forbes on Fox featured all-out assault on Employee Free Choice Act

February 1, 2009

Fox Fixed News just can’t resist giving bull shit and lies a platform.

This is what some of the “I can’t understand news unless Fox tells me,” really believe.  Fox is not just serving kool-aid. Fox is serving Jim Jones kool-aid laced with powerful poisons.

It didn’t matter that Fox was lying about the secret ballot being eliminated. Nor did it matter when they compared the Employee Free Choice Act as a form of slavery, which is another lie. The next lie is to pretend that the unions lined President Obama’s pockets, which is laughable since President Obama was for this policy before he ever became president.

The truth of the matter is simple. This is about big business not wanting to pay American workers a damn decent wage.  Everyone knows the employers often use the election process to delay, obstruct, and intimidate workers in an effort to resist organizing efforts.

Why doesn’t Fox do us all a favor and call themselves who they really are, “Watching out for Big Business, while Screwing the Average Worker.”

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  1. What’s the Real Secret that big-business special interest groups don’t want you to know about the EFCA?

    The Employee Free Choice Act does not eliminate the secret ballot.


    Greedy CEOs and their front groups have pushed a deceptive campaign about the Employee Free Choice Act. The latest ad campaign exposes the lies and distortions they have been spreading over the secret ballot.

    Contrary to their assertions, the Employee Free Choice Act does not take away the secret ballot in union elections. It simply gives workers, not their bosses, the right to choose how to form a union so they can earn better wages, health care, and a secure retirement.

    “The Real Secret”

    “Corporate Greed”

    When workers are free to choose to join a union, our economy can work for everyone again. That’s why we need the Employee Free Choice Act—a bill in Congress that would help level the playing field and give workers the freedom to choose a union.

    The Employee Free Choice Act:

    Helps America’s working families improve their standard of living. Workers in unions earn 30 percent higher wages and are 59 percent more likely to have employer-provided health insurance.

    Fixes a broken system that gives corporations far too much power. When workers try and organize unions, they are often harassed and intimidated; 25 percent of companies unlawfully fire pro-union workers.

    Restores fairness and the promise of the American Dream, with a robust middle class, economic growth, and shared prosperity.

    It’s time our economy worked for everyone again. It’s time for the Employee Free Choice Act.

    For More Information on the Employee Free Choice Act Visit our Websites and Blog






  2. I’ve moved your links to my paid site and put your comment up as a post at this site. I hope that helps and I will continue to express my feelings towards the right of EFCA.

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