Iraq? What’s higher Spending then that?

February 2, 2009

frank-largeAs the republicans continue to play their game of the stimulus not covering enough tax cuts to satisfy their desires, Barney Frank came right out and stated the obvious.  What bigger spending is there then what we wasted in Iraq?  A pointless war that had nothing to do with nothing (outside of oil that we didn’t get)?

Yea, another one for the democrats.  Let’s see that’s 2 to 0 now.

DeMint: Let’s not say it’s a stimulus when it’s a government spending plan. All of the things, the needs in our society, education, these are things we debate every year.

Frank: Spending can be stimulus. I don’t understand.

DeMint: It’s the largest spending bill in history and we’re trying to call it a stimulus.

Frank: The largest spending bill in history is going to turn out to be the one in Iraq. If we’re going to talk about spending, I have a problem when we leave out that extraordinary expensive, damaging war in Iraq, which has caused much more harm than good in my judgment. I don’t understand from my conservative friends, building a road, building a school, helping to get health care, that’s wasteful spending. But that war in Iraq, that’s going to cost us over a trillion dollars, yeah, I wish we hadn’t done that we would have been in a lot better shape fiscally.

I am not feeling the republican town criers hollering about the democrats turning our government into a socialist country when the only thing President Obama gets to do for his first 4 yeas is clean up the toxic mess that Mr. Capitalist, Bush, himself left behind.  I know it was acceptable to have an idiot for a president that you could dream of having a beer with, but bitches wake up to reality of the new majority who wanted someone with a brain.  Give me a break with stupid.  If enough of us believed that nonsense then Palin would be the vice president right now.  Well on her way to being the president shortly (especially after McCain mysterious death).  Yet I must note that you town criers flip between blaming the democrats for our current situation and then blaming them for having  a democratic agenda.  Well let me ask boldly, which the fuck is it?  Are they closet republicans are or they democrats?  Make up your minds bitches.  You can’t have it both ways.

If it takes regulating banks, cleaning up oversight, and taking control temporarily so what?  The mess we are currently swimming in is deep and all you that believe the government is trying to take over, needs to check yourself and wake up and smell the we-are-in-an-economic-melt-down-because-the-government-didn’t-do-its-fucking-job under Bush reality.  So let’s give the non-stop republican mantra a rest.  Those fuckers were a sleep at the wheel while they continued (with some of you ass holes help) to push the blame on the democrats even though at the same time they are screaming at the democrats for having a different agenda from their own (democrats = people; republicans = big business and the southern strategy).  Do me a favor, don’t even bother to forgiving me while I strongly believe that the American people (and I don’t mean major corporation) are a lot more important than somebodies major corporation that the republicans want to give a tax break too.

We can agree to disagree but don’t bring me stupid, thank you.



  1. Girl you are on fire tonight. HAHHAHA

    But I have to disagree with you on something. I don’t think the Republicans were asleep at the wheel……

    They were HIGH AND DRUNK OUT OF THEIR MINDS blazing down the highway (8years of Bush) having a GRAND OLD PARTY (GOP-Mmm now I understand how they got that name). Driving the car (US) crazy and picking up hitchhikers (the Iraq war, deregulation, corrupt CEOs-and their baggage (the bailout) and their good buddy lack of oversight) while running down cats, dogs, the working men and women, children, our economy, jobs, wages, health care, and the kitchen sink.

    Thank God they were stopped by the police (American people/voters) before they took us over the edge. We were able to replaced them with a sober, careful driver (President Obama). 😀

    For the next 8 years lets keep these Republicans in rehab or in jail for the safety of the US and the world. lol

  2. One of the biggest laughs I get is to here a person supporting the republican party and in the same breath cry out for smaller government and bitch about the Dems turning the country into a socialist regime. As if fucking Bush constrained himself to a smaller government. His economic policies were nothing more that socialism for the big banks and insurance companies and at the same time he poured money into useless and illegal wars. Bush = small government. Bullshit. The last time I checked Bush is a republican. As you said chamay0, those kind need to wake the fuck up and get real. They stand on the republican band wagon screaming free market and holler for constitutional rights but Bush has just about stripped the rights of everyone away. The word “free market” is a another word used to scam many into thinking that the Republican Party supports it but in reality there never has been a free market and the Republican Party has only used it as a smoke screen. So why the hell would someone stand with a party that really doesn’t stand for what they believe in? Why on earth be associated with a party of hypocrites?

    Chamay0, you have written another thought provoking post again, keep this fire and determination up girl.

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