Last Post of the Night: The Nit Picking Continues

February 3, 2009

republican-congress-largeThere seems to be no end to the nit picking of the GOP.  They are following their marching orders to the tee, just like the rats that followed the pied piper right into the sea.

I am so sick of listening to the “liberal” media back everything that the GOP is opposed to in the stimulus package.  Of course the GOP is opposed to anything that have any type of benefit for people such as STD prevention, abortion education and access, Pell Grants, condoms, and anything else that reeks of people orientation.  Never minds that preventive measures save money in the long run for medical coverage.  The only people the republicans will not complain about receiving such funds for the above are the Iraqis.

Let’s take a moment to flash back on the past.  Let’s see if memory serves us.  Does anyone remember the first Stimulus that President Bush gave us?  The one where he gave the little people a rebate check and then also gave…drum roll please…CORPORATE TAX BREAKS.  That was the mindset of the once high and mighty ruling the free nation and in total control republican party.  Where are we now?  Yes, in the fucking toilet.  What is the republican party once again screaming for as the solution for our new stimulus?  FUCKING CORPORATE TAX BREAKS.  Obviously, the lesson was not learned.  Just like a stone rolling down the hill that never gathered a hint of moss the republicans just keeping rolling on.

Let’s stop and think about this for just a minute.  WTF?  Either the republicans are serious about protecting the rich or they have no clue as to what the purpose of a stimulus for the middle class really entails.  They have collectively fell into a pattern of spouting the same shit that got us into this mess with a total disregard for their culpability.  That they have an idiot base that believes in their empty shit is neither here nor there.  It only proves an idiot can be easily recruited with key words in America.  All the republicans have to say is let’s get back to being fiscally responsible and the idiots fall in line.  Does it matter that for the past 8 years they have been anything but responsible?  Not in the idiot base ideology.  Let the republicans scream socialism (even though Bush promoted that position with a vengeance), or  let them shout nationalization, or welfare and there goes that idiot base fuming in an uproar.  Never mind that the ass holes are being played for jerks.  The idiot base just wants to believe that the republicans are sticking to conservatism.  Never mind if you go back far enough you will find that conservatism was synonymous with racism (still is in some corners).  Its all about morality, irregardless if none is to be had since the republicans long time ago abandoned real morality for the sponsorship of major corporations.

The only thing the rest of us get to see is the liberal media forever showing us how much the republicans are passionately against helping the people.  Of course it is not portrayed as that, oh hell no.  The liberal media puts them on every show around the clock so we can be reminded why we hate those fuckers.  Not only did they sink us into the toilet (or the abyss — take your pick), they won’t shut the fuck up.  I guess the republicans’ consolation prize is knowing that their idiot base is cheering them on for the brainless sheep that they are.  After all what else can you call people that believed Bush got his directions from God?


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