Its Not Even The Morning…But By God Morning Joe is Filled with Madness

February 3, 2009

I know freedom of speech is key in our country; but, why is it the only speech I hear so freely is some right wing nut bull shit?  As can be expected when the wing nut native speaks we are all forced to listen.  The new agenda for the GOP fruit loops is to put the working poor out of the mix in receiving any tax benefits.   After all Joe  Scarborough himself said the Republicans would not support giving tax breaks to the working poor.

How many times have we heard that President Obama is giving money to those that are not paying taxes?  The truth is simple.  It is not that these people are not paying taxes it’s that they make such low wages that very little is paid to Income taxe.  Pretty much close to 100% of these people work over 60 to 80 hours a week just to make that small amount.  Let’s face it folks none of us would want to be making minimum wage in our current economic climate.

The Republican party does what it knows best and uses key phrases to rile their idiot base.  They like to use terms like socialism, welfare, liberalism and nationalization to give their groupies a sense that they are being used or cheated by the government.  As I’ve stated in previous post, truth and reality are not a necessity when republicans speak.

It’s okay to keep the corporate welfare, currently called the TARP, going for banks, housing and insurance companies.  It’s okay to keep spending money to maintain GITMO, and its damn well okay to spend American dollars to rebuild and improve Iraq.  Nope, no complaints coming from the republicans camp over those expenditures.  Why should they complaint about that when they have Americans to crush?  How dare the working poor have expectation of a tax cut.  Never mind the new president said that’s what he would do, the republicans knows what’s best.  Their idiot base may pretend someone else destroyed our economy (know doubt they will soon be calling it President Obama’s economy), but I am not so forgiving.  I know how we went down the toilet.  Their idiot base can continue to blame Nancy, Dodds, Reid and Barney all they like; there was only one jerk running the government when we took the dive into the abyss, he’s name is Bush and not one of the house or senate republicans tried to stop him.  In fact they only tried to aid him.

As can be seen below, Joe and Mika, of Morning Joe, stays within the GOP talking points and do what the republicans do best, paint a picture even if it is bullshit.  After all, its the republicans job to destroy the American people (especially if you live in the middle or poor class) while they make sure America’s major corporations keeps rolling in  welfare dough (can we say corporate tax cuts anyone?).


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