Sarah Palin and The Wolves

February 3, 2009

I get such a kick out putting the beautiful empty headed Sarah Palin on the spot.  How can I resist?  She’s the gift that just keeps on giving.  Palin’s new woes, which are not really new since this news was spoken about during the campaign, is her brutal killing of wolves in Alaska.

I’m not a hunter so I can not really say there is some joy in shooting up a bunch of wolves from an airplane.  Yet, it doesn’t sound exciting.  Where is the thrill in hunting if you’re flying in a damn plane shooting at something on the ground?  Sounds like ice fishing if you ask me.

A new group has emerge called www.eyeonpalin.org.  Their spokes person is Ashley Judd and below is their new video.

I just love how these conservative ass holes are always crying about the unborn, absenteeism from sex and morality.  They are so full of shit.  They are the first one to send other people’s children to fight a pointless wars, grab a gun and shoot some animal while flying in a fucking plane, and the first ones to commit some perverted or adulterous act.  They are also the most sickest group of people with their constant practice of voyeurism.  They want to live in our bedrooms and dictate who we have sex with and how we have sex.  Just a bunch of repressed ass holes.  Jeez, can’t they just buy porno like everyone else?



  1. I recently read an article on Palin on AP Online wire service:


    that question’s Palin’s concerns for her native Alaskans, which I feel is very justified about the good governor.

  2. the mudflats blog also has palin’s tepid response.

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