The House Republicans Will Not Shut Up!

February 3, 2009

I for one am tired of listening to the house republicans’ posturing. They’ve already voted no on the stimulus bill so why are they still talking? This constant praising of President Obama while they keep nit picking at the stimulus and blaming every other democrat in the country is getting quite silly.  Their endless prattle as if they had a voice is utterly annoying.  The house republicans are turning into the fly you must kill, even if you don’t have a fly swatter.

The whole republican mantra of we, us, work together is wearing thinner than a pair of thread bare socks. Most of us should know by now, that after voting no on the stimulus bill the house republicans went on a retreat to celebrate having collectively voted no.

Yet the liberal media keeps this crap in our face day after day.  The only thing the so called liberal media is doing  is making sure we know just how liberal they are.   Nothing says liberalism like pushing forth republican bull shit like our media does.

Newsweek’s liberalism tell the story best:


Obviously the liberal media forgot that President Obama inherited the war in Afghanistan and is not quite the owners of it.  That glory belongs to Bush as most of us should know that fact by now.  Like I said, nothing says liberalism like our media.

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