Thought I was done but this one final thought

February 3, 2009

Oh please give me a damn break with the two President Obama’s cabinet picks, Daschle and Geithner, didn’t pay their taxes.  Which idiot thinks tax rules apply the same across the board?  I have to be honest, thank goodness it wasn’t Eric Holder because his ass would have been out.  Never mind no one gives a shit since we all secretly wish we could get away with not paying our taxes.

No for the last three days I have had to listen to this shit like it was a real crime.  Now they are taking surveys, which no doubt the wing nuts will be voicing their outrage.  Let’s not even pretend that the wing nut tribe is the first bunch of nuts to battle the government over taxes and pretend they are really feeling outrage over that little fact.

Can we get just a little break from the liberal media with this bull shit?  If they are liberal can we please get those bitches to be wing nuts?  How long will we have to listen to this latest bull shit?  Like Blago will it go on for months?  My God Bush and his crew were real criminals and I need to listen to news about somebody that owed taxes and paid them?  Can we say fuck the bull shit?



  1. I wish Obama would stop with bipartisanship crap and do what he has always been doing since his campaign. The Ratpubs are not being bipartisan and using Obama’s kindness and bipartisanship attitude for their advantage by holding him to it but not themselves.

    Exactly what have the Ratpub done in the bipartisanship…….NOTHING!

    These Ratpubs are getting on my last nerve.

    Sorry girl I had to let that out. lol

  2. Actually, I find it refreshing to see Congressmen and Senators finally being held accountable to the same laws the rest of us have to follow. Even if they’re on our side.

    This is what the President meant when he said the era of unaccountability is over. It means even those at the top have to own up to their failings, and pay the price.

    That being said, any mockery and schadenfreude from the Republicans is nothing but a smokescreen – they’ve all got skeletons in their closets, and are just glad the attention’s not on them. I for one will be more than happy to see a few elephant heads on pikes outside the city gates.

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