Last Post of the Night: ABC (the liberal media) is so in the tank!

February 6, 2009

Today ABC reported how our new President, Obama, dared to infer that those that receive the TARP also will have some type of pay limitation cap on their salary.  How dare President Obama state that their should be any type of limit on what any business set as their salaries.  So what if they accept the TARP money.  Those people are entitled to their millions in salary and bonuses each and every year.  So what if our economy is sinking into the abyss.  The big executives have life styles to maintain.  President Obama is infringing on capitalism and the free market damn it!  The president is doing just what we feared, trying to nationalize the banks with his arbitrary rules.  Oh..wait…sorry, excuse me, Bush already did that.

What a crock of crap these spokespeople have for an excuses for Wall Street and giving over paid bonuses to those that created this mess.  My favorite line is the excuse that if we limit salaies “the best workers will quit.”  Just where will they go?  China?  Bye.  I pretty sure there will not be many industries that they can go to in America.  How many banks have not taken money (irregardless of Bush and Paulson’s strong arm tactic)?  If those people were so good then why is our economy in the toilet?  If those same people are the best and the brightest, then there is no hope for our country.  It can not get any worst than this.

Okay, I digress, ABC decided to pretend that President Obama is living as large as any CEOs.  Read the report and have a good laugh at how our liberal media has once again proved just how unliberal they are:

In what appears to be an attempt to call Obama a hypocrite, ABC’s Scott Mayerowitz “reports” today that the President also has a “lavish lifestyle.” Under the title: “Obama’s Perks: Private Jet, Chef Tax-Free,” ABC notes that Obama earns $400,000 dollars a year and even has a private jet:

Excuse me, but where was this outrage over the president’s pay check (which is set by Congress, not the president) and use of A-Force One for protection when Bush was in office?  President Obama lives rent free?  Just like Bush did.  President Obama does not get stock options and millions of dollar bonuses.  Where is the comparison?  All this crying  over what?  President Obama is not talking about those that work in the back office and get paltry bonuses and little pay checks all year long.  I’ve worked in investment banking and not being a money maker really does not get you the big bucks.  Maybe the low end workers can get any where between $2,000 and as high as $10,000 before taxes.  Who is ABC trying to fool?  Not all of us are so ignorant.  You do not get the big bucks if your only job is working in the back office making so many thousands a year, no matter what your contribution.  President Obama is talking about those that get millions year in and year out no matter how much they are fucking up our economy with their choices (and skilled talent that continues to lead their companies and our economy in the toilet).

This is so typical of the “in-the-tank-per-the-GOP media.”  What next?  Just how long must we deal with stuck on stupid?


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  1. The republican parties debates are nothing more than useless week sh*t. Again they all need to set down and shut up for a while. There is nothing of any value that they have to offer to the people at the present.

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