McCain: Now He’s the Spineless Maverick?

February 6, 2009

loser-mccainJust like he shrunk into a puppet for the wing nuts agenda during the general election, which by the way got him no where, McCain is once again trying to curry favors.  It’s so sad to see this proud man bend over trying to get his party to like him.  I mean where is the maverick now?  Lost in a sea of republican bull shit?

For shame McCain, for shame.  If that’s the stance he’s wants to take then I need to let an economist point out the real failure of FDR:

(h/t ThinkProgress.org)

It seems the great depression turned into a worst depression because the president, FDR, listened to asshole republicans tell him to stop spending on recovery and turn back to dumb ass taxes.  Now where have I heard that shit?  Hm…from our current crop of congressional and senatorial republicans, perhaps?  McCain is just coming off as totally sad and pitiful for trying to curry favors from the same bunch of jackals that didn’t like him and probably still don’t.

UPDATE:  This is so sad on top of my previous so sad above:

WASHINGTON — The Senate has killed an alternative economic stimulus plan by Sen. John McCain that would have cut income and payroll taxes but spent far less than President Obama’s plan.

The party-line 57-40 vote against McCain’s $421 billion plan came Thursday as a group of moderate Democrats and Republicans struggled to cut up to $100 billion from Obama’s version.

Who knew that we would not like McCain’s policies?  Oh yea…we did.


One comment

  1. Here goes the jack ass that said he doesn’t know too much about economics offering economic advice. No thank you McCain, go back to your office and go to sleep.

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