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  1. Its more than time I updated my old comments, since my guy is now the President-elect. What I said back then does not justify why I am still blogging.

    I will continue to blog to make sure President Obama gets a fair shake from the wing nut tribe and because I have met so many wonderful people (democrats and republicans) and have come to enjoy the back and forth.

    I’ve also changed the name of my blog site to conform to it’s new outlook. My passion is still there (unlike my 401(K) which has evaporated) and I plan to keep writing about the issues that bother me greatly and sharing other bloggers opinions. I also plan to start having guest bloggers and writing joint projects.

    My main goal is to keep an ear to the ground and stay informed. So much is impacting my children’s ability to go to college and it is imperative that I stay attune to the things that will impact them down the road. This is a historical time in our lives that I plan to continue riding. For now, I will ride the wave until I know my girls have a chance.

    When I started blogging it was because of my deep frustration with the lack of the media reporting the whole story. Well they still don’t. I sometimes have to reach outside of America to hear the truth. So I joined the society of bloggers. I guess you could say I’m progressive to a certain extent, just not all the way over to the left. I’m still a moderate and do not have a problem with all republicans. I do have a problem with the fringe (wing nut tribe) of the conservative party and would love to find them taken to an island and forgotten.

    I have my core religious beliefs that do not put me in the corner of an extreme Bible thumping Conservative. I believe in pro-choice and do not have a problem with Gay rights. I believe in equality for all humans. I have tolerance for most religions as well (sorry, I’m not down with cults). I strongly feel that we are in this together and there is no room for the pathetic or stupid. Yet, being an American I am also fiercely protective about my country (not for bogus reasons — Iraq).

    I’ve left my previous post for anyone that still wants to read it below.

    One day I woke up and I said damn it’s getting harder to get back to 2000. I mean honestly, so what if you work hard, so what for being a good American, and so what for playing by the rules. I’m still on this slippery slope where there just is no hope.

    Yet in my heart I know that I love America with all my heart and soul and could never live anywhere else. But damn I hate Bush and after checking up on McCain I have to fight to make sure I do not have 4 more years of this crap again.

    I have 2 daughters (one going to college and the other just 11 years old; but, will go to college someday). At the rate the economy is going I will be completely broke by time I retire. I will have exhausted my retirement funds just to pay for my children to go to college. I have already used up my savings to put one daughter in school (and this is only year 1) and in this market I can’t see how I can build up another nest egg with out cutting out something (food, transportation, bills, etc.).

    If you feel you need a change, then you should be trying to get Obama elected. That young man has offered me something that my tired mind and empty pocketbook needs right now and that is hope.

    For those of you that wonder why am I so passionate? I am very knowledgeable about politics and pretty much know that all politicians tell half truths and lies; however, I strongly hate people that play with my intelligence and I am despising the republican party more and more every day. They keep putting one distraction after another in my face instead of dealing with the issues. It’s too the point I call McCain’s campaign the Monkey Side Show. His campaign had the nerve to say this campaign was not about the issues it’s about personalities. I beg to differ. This campaign is about us, not McCain. Let him keep thinking he can bring zero substance and think that will fly with an angry nation. Let’s see how well that work.

    I also felt that McCain chose his running mate not off of having a say but did what he was told to do. Look people another distraction. don’t look at McCain, look at his shiny new toy (disgusting). If he was a maverick (which I know he never was) he would have chosen a person who had credentials and he wanted. What happened to the importance of his VP choice or the experience he is always touting? But when you tell me you have to give her an education, what do you thank that say to the American people? I feel he is offering me nothing but the same as Bush but hoping his Karl Rovian-lobbyist camp’s dirty tactics, subterfuge and outright lies will keep us so distracted that all we will see is that he is the honorable one that should be elected. We Americans have come a long way baby and we are not taking crap any more. I will continue to expose him for what he is — a lying sack of…

  2. I’m a democrat, but I am undecided about this election. I was hoping Obama would choose Hillary as a running mate because I supported her originally, and I thought they would make an excellent team–better for the economy and healthcare. I just don’t care much for Biden.

    I admire you for helping your daughter with her education. I think that is very strong of you. I like your blog. Take Care.

  3. Hi Chamay. I found your site while posting to my blog. Check out my site, http://www.praybeforeyovote.wordpress.com. I’m a Christian who is urging everyone to seek God during this election. What I’m seeing is that many are Christians are voting for Republicans out of loyalty and because of one issue. I believe that God can use a Democrat or a Republican if they are saved. I think the Democrats need to express their faith more and use Hillary to win this election. I’m not here to endorse or denounce, but to educate and inform.

    God bless.
    Freya S. Williams,
    Author of Pray Before You Vote! Jesus Is Not a Democrat or a Republican!

  4. Get all your fight on! Lets take this all the way to the White House. Women be smart. Lets look at Palin’s record and statements on abortion, the BRIDGE TO NO WHERE and the $ Alaska did get as well as where USA is today. Are you better off? I don’t think so. I think McCain needs respect as a POW but does that mean all vets should run for President? This has turned into Palin/Mc for president. Think before you vote. Your votes do count, remember Florida. War is never a good thing we need a new plan for our service people. Your child could be next. Pray and keep your faith no matter what you believe. Believe in Obama to lead us.

  5. McCain will be worse that Bush, keep on spreadin the word along with me Chamay0.
    The whole Bush family is a bunch of crimnals right along with Cindy McCain’s family.


  6. Hello ChamayO,

    We couldn’t disagree more about the candidates, and it’s possible we disagree about college too. I cannot afford to put my kid in college, and I’ve still got several years to work on it. But having looked at the ways college has changed in a generation, I’m not thoroughly persuaded that college is any longer the best choice. It is reaching the point of diminishing returns, where the investment doesn’t match the prospective gains.

    College has got to mean something more than just the receipt of a “degree.”

    University education is supposed to open a window onto the world of ideas and to guide a student into an intellectual life. And contrary to what college presidents would have us think, universities do not have a corner on the intellectual market. Okay, if you want to become a doctor or practice law or do research in theoretical physics, you’re probably going to need college. But for a great many careers, the world is still available and beckoning. A French major, for instance, might find it more cost-effective as well as more language effective to simply go to France. Many of the disicplines of the humanities are not well served by today’s colleges.

    It depends rather a lot what you want from college. Meanwhile, for someone bent on getting a degree: what’s wrong with doing college part-time while pursuing a career? It might enrich your daughter’s experience. The added maturity of working through college might well make her a more discerning student/consumer.

    My kid is telling me she wants to go to college, and I say “bravo,” but I also tell her that genuine knowledge is not hidden in some secret vault on a college campus — it is at large in the great wide world. Her own curiosity will be the most telling factor in what she learns, regardless where she is.

    You have to have faith in life and in the human spirit. Anyway, I hope your kids excell and find the success you want for them.

    That’s not a partisan issue. Citizens in both political parties and the fence sitters in the middle want the same things: a good life for their kids. That’s the ultimate in bipartisanship. When the politicians figure that out, both parties will make some truly American progress.

  7. I came across your blog doing my daily research. For the exact same reason you wrote about polls I decided to start the website WhatWouldYouSayToThePresident.com. You can write a letter or upload a video and it your submissions are sent directly to White House Press Secretary Dana Parino. Users recieve a message as to when their message was delivered. You can also send messages to the candidates at:

    WhatWouldYouSayTo Barack Obama

  8. WOW! I found you again. For some reason I could not get back to this site awhile ago…now I have it ‘bookmarked’.

    I’d really like to add you to my blogroll if it would be agreeable to you.



  9. Hello My Friend…

    I have you added to my blogroll now 🙂



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  11. Thank you for linking to us in your blog roll as we will work together in communicating the truth. I have done the same in my blog roll. Your association is of great value.

    The Internet Post

  12. I love your post, they are so insightful and refreshing. Keep up all your good work.

  13. Excellent blog. Please have a look at our work, and let us know if you’d like to exchange blogrolls.


  14. I loved your site and have already included you on my blogroll. I will be spotlighting you tonight. Your site was just so beautiful.

  15. Loved the post. As a Black Brit, I am interested in knowing ‘alternative’ perspectives as opposed to what I read in the quality newspapers, and I think that your blog gives us that. Keep up the good work.

  16. Obama is not a natural born USA citizen. He can hold the top office. see http://www.obamacrimes.com It is for real, not some right wing conspiracy. He was born in Kenya.

  17. Sorry but I’ve got no time to live in la la land compliments of the right wing nuts. I find the melt down of our economy a bigger fish to fry. You can continue to live in the land of pretend if it makes your day go by better. Some of us grown ups have real issues and find right wing nut’s agendas a complete waste of our time, if not just down right funny.

  18. First off, congrats on your win. I’m forced to tell you the bold truth. You will find that Obama does nothing for our economy but instead worsens it. The state of our economy today cannot be blamed completely on President Bush. The Congress does most of the economic work, which is sad. I’m not sure if you know this or not, but recently Congresses approval rating was 9%. You cannot point fingers at Bush and say it was him. Because I could easily point my finger and say it was Congress. Taking money from the top 5% wont work for Obama because the top 5% are the guys who create jobs in America. If it is more expensive to create jobs in America because they are being taxed, they will leave. Your kid in collage and even your 11 year old may not have a job to go to, education or not. Unemployment is now at 6%, yet Obama’s tax the rich spree will worsen that. Well, I guess jobs wont be needed when everybody is getting free checks in the mail from somebody who works for a living. Just remember, every time a Democrat is elected, a Republican serves 2 terms.

  19. Who are you kidding? Where I work if there is a problem the leader gets blames and do not make excuses. Bush was and still is in charge. Last time I checked whatever Congress voteed on ends up in the senate and that brought stalling and pork feeding to a new level. You may get all your news from Fox. I do not and am more informed for it.

    I’d be worried if that idiot (Bush) had more years to muck up the future. I’m sure when that empty headed loser came into the white house 8 years ago you were all agog with the potential of him doing something positive. The laughs on you now isn’t it? He did nothing but knock us damn near into the dark ages.

    So far as President Obama goes he will help even an unbeliever such as yourself irregardless of your confidence. If you think I’m sitting here believing that all our problems stemmed from President Obama, sorry no. First people like you was screaming he had no experience, now you want to attribute all that is wrong on his shoulders? Please. If the top 5% is going to leave the country because they have to pay 3% more than good. They were not about our country any way. That only shows how pathetic they are. However, I do not believe any one is leaving the country over 3%. They have accountants (had them for years) who have been knocking their taxes down for years and have less fears in that area then fools who go around saying they will cut and run.

    Do the world a favor and take a sip of reality and then get back to me with who did what.

  20. Hey Sis,

    I just read the comment above posted by ‘politicalgrapevine’. It was an irritation.

    He said, ***”I’m forced to tell you the bold truth” *** However, neglected to share ANYTHING regarding those tiny little things called “FACTS”!

    He also said, ***”Well, I guess jobs wont be needed when everybody is getting free checks in the mail from somebody who works for a living”***

    This allows us to see his evident lack of knowledge. When I read his comment…at first I thought it was a joke. How could anyone be so disconnected?

    Perhaps, if folks would engage their brains before they do their mouths…it may help. His whole comment was skewed. It reminds me of many of the things that have been both said and written to me. They are little people, with little brains.



  21. You know it. Talk about sipping the kool-aid, ugh. People like him are no more than parrots who repeat what they heard with out an ounce of fact or research.

    You would think if they hated the truth so much they would stop reading my post. But no. They act like little children having a tantrum. Then they get mad when I don’t bite their bullet (or BS).

    I call these people “forever victims.” They are forever looking for some one to blame for what’s wrong in our society or their lives in stead of facing the truth.

    a regular guy, on November 22nd, 2008 at 3:13 pm Said:
    Obama is not a natural born USA citizen. He can hold the top office. see http://www.obamacrimes.com It is for real, not some right wing conspiracy. He was born in Kenya.

    To a regular guy…OH REALLY, YOU DON’T SAY, seems that something has gone wrong.

  23. Hi Chamay0,

    I’m the wonderful guy who set you off by offering to teach you how to communicate more efficiently. You know, the one you called a racist and asshole and every other name your small, unintelligent mind could come up with.

    I noticed you didn’t leave the comments pointing out your poor use of the English language up, did you? I guess its easier for ignorant people such as yourself to criticize a conservative politician than to realize that the very things you criticize her for you are far more guilty of.

    Let me tell you what I think…

    You are an ignorant woman with too much time on your hands. And the education from the LAUSD isn’t worth the toilet paper it is written on.

    And by the way, I live in Los Angeles and can not recall a single incident of whites shooting blacks during Katrina and blaming it on the hurricane!! But then again, liberals lied throughout that event. Remember the so-called hundreds of reports of rape and murder at the super dome?

    They were all lies… just like the crap you spread here.
    But at least you corrected the word Energizer!

    Have a nice day you brainless bitch!!!!

    Sarah Palin is smarter than you!!!! HaHAHaHA

  24. You know Ron, I’m sure you would love to believe that you in your limited dickless capacity had the power to set me off. Sorry bitch, it is not going to happen. Did my daughter set me off? Yes indeed she did. Did you? Oh hell no. You were just the roach I chose to step on. I had hoped you would be so kind and return so I could laugh at your stupidity.

    You could not even teach me how to walk much less talk. Take a minute and listen to your dumb ass self. What the fuck do I care about how you feel about something I said that was not to your liking? I blog at a free site stupid. It’s not about you, fuck you. It’s about me. Let me check my memory…no, I did not care what you had to say on the day you were born. Doubtless, I don’t give shit now either, much less on your death bed.

    Your ignorance is so wonderfully displayed by your dogmatic belief in that empty headed loser Barbie, formerly known as Sarah Palin. But you stay right there in LA masturbating over your old clips of Barbie, cheap wine and delusion of brilliance. Have a good night ass hole.

    I’d really have to be less than a person to give a shit over what some lonely ass clown in LA feels about me. Bite me bitch. You really need to find someone that gives a shit over what you have to say. Sorry, dude I’m not the one. I have slugs in my backyard that are more engaging then you are.

  25. So…Ron-o, let me understand, you can call someone a bitch and in the same breath whine about foul language? You sound like a damn fool. Why don’t you do us a favor and kick out of your closet and tell the world the truth. You are no more than a follower of the Bush regime and think Bush is a god. I’m sure you believe everything he did was always right, instead of accepting the truth that he was lying. Just saying you had some disagreement with Bush isn’t cutting it. Its time to come out Ron, I repeat, come out Ron where ever you are in your world of delusion.

    Does it really hurt you that badly when someone have a different opinion? You can’t fool yourself too much longer, now can you? And if you want to question Chamay0 about what ever happened to the old idea of congenial disagreement, then you need to question yourself the same way. Congeniality is not inclusive of calling someone a bitter bitch.

    As the administrators of two sites, it has been quite a while since I’ve ran across a person that comes off as both confused and ignorant at the same time such as you have. Are you really trying to fool yourself and the world, while pretending you have a shred of intelligence?

    It is evident that you have not been anywhere in this world if what you read at this site is considered offensive to you. Let me help you grow up, you will encounter opposing opinions all over the place, this is a very big world we live in and there are billions of different opinions other than yours, so, my advice is for you to get over it.

    By the way no one will miss you if you decide to not come back; especially if you find yourself a little bit pissed off at this site and decide to stay the fuck away. Or, better yet, do you have the power over yourself to do that?

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