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President Obama’s Last Weekly Address Before the Inauguration

January 19, 2009

Once again our new president is giving his weekly address before his inauguration.  He reminds of us that the inauguration is about us and our rights to finally rule our nation.  He also reminds us that we have hard times ahead but that if we become a collective group we can survive even the Bush years of F-ups.



Last Post of the Night: I’m in trouble…

December 20, 2008

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Okay, I admit I have not given enough dissing over Rick Warren to make some of my online gay friends happy.  Yet, I have never ever faulted them for their opinion.  I have bashed catholics, mormons and a whole host of other religious bigots.  I refuse to believe that this is a case of good versus evil.  This is a matter of civil rights.

Yet, I have no displeasure against President Obama.  Unlike how I live my life, he does not have the luxury of standing on one pedestal and alienating all other groups of people.  I have the job of laughing at and acknowledging that the wing nut tribe are beyond stupid.  President Obama can not do as I do.  But still, yes, I refuse to beat President Obama down because he did not take my stance.

I’ve put too much in his being elected to believe letting some insignificant turd as Rick Warren being apart of the inauguration rattle me.  My goals are large.  Not only  civil rights, but for economic recovery, futuristic goals, job creation, health care, and education. All of that supersedes cultural wars, which, I might note, will always be there to deal with.

But I also believe that cultural wars have no place on the political table.  I want the whole religious BS to be removed from the White House and the political stage.  I really do not care what Rick Warren’s stance is towards race, gays or Katrina for that matter.  I have no expectation (unless I’m stupid) that he would be less than the bigot I thought he was.  Can we say part of the wing nut tribe?

Should I be offended that he called gays the equivalent of perverts?  Why should I?  I’ve acknowledge that he is another right wing nut with his agenda of reshaping all of America to kiss his feet while quoting scripture, no less.  Screw that.  He’s a bigot.  In a year or two or maybe three he could end up just like the rest of them, flawed.  Maybe, who knows, when he falls from his stupid pedestal of absolute grace like Ted Haggard, he’ll be making a movie about his F-up life on HBO.  Who cares.  I refuse to let the religious stupid rule my decisions.

I also refuse to make an issue of Rick Warren because my desires are large.  I would rather let someone I believe and trust help remove that whole barrier from the place it should not be — politics.  Hence, then  my job is to rally my culture to take it to court to make sure the point becomes moot.

So yea.  I will not beat up on my hope (President Obama) from assisting me in making the bigots stop from putting BS on ballots.  I give less than a second though about Rick Warren.  Who the hell is he but just another bigoted fart?  Does he dominate the whole inauguration?  Hell no.  I just refuse to give my new president hell over what was probably a strategic move.  (If at this point some one else wants to remind me of slavery, bring it bi__hes.)

I work in a situation where the racism is not blatant but none the less real.  Even with suffering through racial persecution for a great deal of my life, I am willing to tell anyone, I will work with my current new President to make a difference.  If he proves me wrong I will be his worst nightmare and admit my stupidity.

Nevertheless, I will not give in to symbolism that a person as stupid as Rick Warren represent.  I just don’t care.  Rick Warren is less that human life to me. Trust me, Obama has had to deal with far more racism than you or I and is very aware of the hate that the American people harbor.  Him and Warren may truly be friends for that matter.  What?  I have friends that are anti gay?  I flatly refuse to stop being their friends for that reason.  Some of them I have changed their minds and I am not even gay.  So what?  It is each individual at a time in my world.

Do I foresee Rick Warren leading, guiding and influencing my new president?  Please don’t make me laugh.  I almost see Rick Warren playing the role as the token negro.  Conservatism is dying and I relish the thought.

So bite me.


Last Post of the Night: No last post on the weekend

December 6, 2008

During the weekend; especially Friday and Saturday, I do not write last post of the night since I have the luxury of writing all times of the night and day (EST) and see no need to write a last post.  I write Last Post of the Night during the rest of the week because I have to get up to go to work in the morning and do it as a courtesy to the few avid readers to let them know nothing new will be coming for at least 8 hours.

If any one does not like that I do this, feel free to express your feelings and judging by the responses I will rethink my weekends and start listing my post Last Post of the Night for the weekend if the responses warrant I do so.