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Take That You Republican Bitches

February 3, 2009

Pictures are a thousand words.  It seems the world of fashion industry are hooked on President Obama.  While the republicans continue to play word games with their diminishing idiot base, the rest of the world are quite enjoying our new president.

Mania over U.S. President Barack Obama has reached the catwalks of Rome, where a top haute couture designer showed off a kaftan emblazoned with his face and another dedicated a gown of “hope” to his wife Michelle.

Eat that republican bitches, ouch.



Last Post of the Night: Obama and the Superbowl

February 2, 2009

Our esteem president decided to allow us to participate in this Superbowl Sunday with him.  With out further introduction here he is.

Part 1:

Part 2:


Jon Stewart Does Hannity

February 1, 2009

That Hannity is a jerk goes without question; but to know that he’s an ass-hole petty jerk should be noted. Here Jon Stewart give Hannity the props he so ever deserves.

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Ted Haggard: Heterosexual with Complications?

January 31, 2009

Oh just give me a damn break with this I’ve changed shit. Ted Haggard is bi-sexual and stomping on TV shows with his wife by his side talking about they are more intimate doesn’t change the facts.   She’s stupid and he’s gay.

This is utterly pathetic that the news industry would confront our intelligence with this fucking nonsense. Just what the fuck is a heterosexual with complications? Honestly, who makes this shit up? Ted doesn’t need counseling, he needs a damn mirror and time to look at his self for who the hell he is — GAY!

Heterosexuals do not wake up from sexual drug and drunken benders beside the same sex. Bullshit, Ted, just pure bullshit.  You can see his interview on Opera here reported by CNN.

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News Hounds: Listen, My Children, and You shall Hear…

January 24, 2009

Bill-O has once again done his self proud and has a new title, Paul Revere.   He will be riding through our towns, oops, I mean cities on his bike, I guess, bringing us the truth about those “far-left zealots” who are out to change our country into a socialistic paradise. Remember if you see him riding around town do remember to throw some refreshments his way — kool-aide anyone?

Can somebody check and see if Bill-O’s taken his medication?

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Sign Off: Mary J. Blige – Lean On Me & Beyonce – America the Beautiful

January 19, 2009

I thought this was an appropriate post to end tonight’s posting on.  May J. Blige is awesome and is so filled with soul and she did the inauguration justice with her presence.  What can one say about the beautiful Beyonce?  She is just wonderful.  Enjoy and good night.


Sign off music: Sade – Your Love Is King

January 16, 2009

Love her soulful jazzy sound. This is the music to make love to, go to sleep or have happy dreams with.  GN and enjoy.

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