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Retail Sales Down

December 26, 2008

s-relief-largeCan we talk about greed?  The retail business was just as greedy as their banking cousins.  They had no problem raising prices again and again and issuing credit cards with unrealistic credit rates.  This is only another part of the house of cards crashing down.

Here’s the moment of zen.  If people could no longer afford their homes what made the retail business think they could afford unnecessary goods?  What the hell is wrong with the over paid CEOs that didn’t take in to account the two million people that had lost their jobs?  Wouldn’t that make sales going down a given?

It’s good to know that banks, wall street, the oil industries and retail business can get so much pity party time on the News.  Wish that we, the poor and middle class, could get that kind of coverage.

I think we all are collectively waiting for Bush and et. al to get the hell out of the white house.  Talk about a presidency that really needs to be forgotten and only looked back on in the harshest of lights historically.

Enough said.