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Thought I was done but this one final thought

February 3, 2009

Oh please give me a damn break with the two President Obama’s cabinet picks, Daschle and Geithner, didn’t pay their taxes.  Which idiot thinks tax rules apply the same across the board?  I have to be honest, thank goodness it wasn’t Eric Holder because his ass would have been out.  Never mind no one gives a shit since we all secretly wish we could get away with not paying our taxes.

No for the last three days I have had to listen to this shit like it was a real crime.  Now they are taking surveys, which no doubt the wing nuts will be voicing their outrage.  Let’s not even pretend that the wing nut tribe is the first bunch of nuts to battle the government over taxes and pretend they are really feeling outrage over that little fact.

Can we get just a little break from the liberal media with this bull shit?  If they are liberal can we please get those bitches to be wing nuts?  How long will we have to listen to this latest bull shit?  Like Blago will it go on for months?  My God Bush and his crew were real criminals and I need to listen to news about somebody that owed taxes and paid them?  Can we say fuck the bull shit?


Morning Joe Madness

January 30, 2009

I have been listening to Mika of Morning Joe make justification after justification for the GOP voting against the stimulus.  She is so understanding since she too see that there was no reaching across the aisle.

Excuse me, after 8 years of bullshit someone needs to reach out for more bullshit?  What the hell is wrong with these people?  They are so knee deep in their ideology that they would have us drown in the cesspool they created just to prove a point?  Which will only, forever, remind us that they created this mess we currently call our economic melt down?  I am not going to even pretend let the past be the past.  I am tire of listening to the people who did nothing for the past 8 years cry, whine, beg and plead that they now have a fucking idea.  Excuse me, while I not listen to your shit.  Can we say 8 years too late for me to believe any republican  have even a small clue, much less a real idea.

Way to go Mika.  Let’s keep stupid alive and well and forever growing in the republican party.


Kristol — Fired from NYT

January 27, 2009

kristol-190aMaybe that was not politically correct.  Let me say it another way.  Kristol has relocated to the Washington Post.  I’m sure it was time for him to move on and it had nothing to do with any of his wrong prediction, factual errors or his non-stop praise of the Bush administration.

Personally, I don’t care why he’s gone.  I’m just glad he’s gone.  Now when I pick up a paper in my home state I will no longer be blessed with one of his articles going on and on about nonsense.

I remember when Kristol was asked back in November, if his contract would be renewed.  Kristol more or less say we would have to wait and see.  Well we waited and now we can see what happened.


Life is sick

January 23, 2009

fatal-shootingCrooks and Liars has a post up relating a story that is so sick that it could make a person puke.  Read on.

A man accused of a horrific rape and killing spree told investigators that he was “fighting extinction” of the white race and had stockpiled 200 rounds of ammunition to “kill ‘nonwhite people’ such as African Americans, Hispanics and Jewish people,” according to a police report filed today in court.

After forcing his way into a home and raping a 22-year-old woman, the alleged assailant, Keith Luke, shot and killed the woman’s younger sister, who tried to help her. Luke, 22, then allegedly turned his fury back on the rape victim, firing his gun through a white teddy bear that she clutched in terror, police said.

Down the street, Luke allegedly opened fire and killed a homeless man who happened by pushing a shopping cart. He told police after his arrest that he had planned to go to a synagogue near his home and, “kill as many Jews as possible during bingo night,” according to the report. “Luke told us that he intended to shoot himself in the head when he was through.”

Rabbi Joshua Cohen of Temple Beth Emunah, a Conservative synagogue in the neighborhood where Luke lives, said a Massachusetts state trooper and Brockton police officer told him this morning that Luke evidently had planned to continue his rampage at the temple. The synagogue has a bingo night Wednesday starting at 6:30 p.m.

Cohen said he has never heard of Luke and believes the man had randomly decided to target the synagogue. Investigators told Cohen that Luke was acting alone.

“Through hard work and a lot of luck, the police were able to apprehend him before he was able to inflict more damage and more death and destruction,” Cohen said. “As much as we like to think we’ve moved forward in our society and culture, hate and racism still exist, and it’s really unfortunate.”

On Wednesday, Luke allegedly fired at police as he was pursued in his van across Brockton, a chase that ended in a crash at East Ashland and North Quincy streets. Sitting in the back of the squad car, he muttered unintelligibly, according to the report, about “the Zionist occupation” and about how, “I was supposed to be executed today.”

When does the madness ends?


Krispy Kreme Wants My UnBorn Fetus!

January 19, 2009

krispy kreme
Its official, the wing nut tribe has lost their damn minds  What the hell is wrong with those people?  Do they see ghost too as well as UFOs on a regular basis?  Now they are, once again, on the campaign trail of attempting to focus our attention on the donut industry.  It seems that Krispy Kreme, in honor of the Inauguration, have come out with a promotion called the “Freedom of Choice” free donut day.  What does the wing nut tribe attribute that message to? Freaking abortion!

Celebrating his inauguration with “Freedom of Choice” doughnuts – only two days before the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision to decriminalize abortion – is not only extremely tacky, it’s disrespectful and insensitive and makes a mockery of a national tragedy.

Now we should start looking for conspiracies every where?  That’s what you can surmise from the American Life League who would just would love to really be in all our bedrooms (during sexual intercourse, of course) assessing whether are not we get pregnant and whatching to see if we exercise our right to freedom of choice.

Where the hell was these people’s paranoia when Bush was running our country into the ground and destroying our nation?  While we are all sinking in debt, job loss, home loss and just being in a bad place they really think this is a topic of interest?  WTF?

Didn’t they get the message after the donut-scarf episode?  What next?  We depict the donut industry as the next terrorist group out to destroy the moral fiber of our nation?

Damn these people are sick.


Posting Slow Down

January 6, 2009

Now that I am involved in writing post for other sites there will be a slow down at my site.  I will make short post and sometimes just a few post.  But I am currently involved in three sites, work full time and have two children.  I girls got to get her sleep sometimes.  I will always try to post at least 1 or 2 post per night.  That’s a far cry from the 8 to 14 post I use to post.

Yet, it is about growth and one of the new sites I am posting at I am part of the development of the site and that is very exciting.  I will be posting when that site will finally be redesigned within the coming weeks.

Thanks everyone for your readership and tolerance for my rants, raves, and mush.




Looking Back…

January 1, 2009

lost-in-timeAs we all prepare for the new year, I thought I would take a moment to look back on 2008.  It was a year where I made some very awesome friends (and probably enemies), that would be you the reader.  I forged alliance at work that are very dear.  I was introduced to some wonderful blog sites.  I watched both my daughters graduate.  One from High School and the other from Grade School.  I got to experience one of my daughters going to college and all the financial agony that comes with that bold move.

I’ve had times where I went on a rampage and got to rant with complete joy and bliss.  I got to watch our current crop of politicians continuously remind me why I don’t trust them with their lying azzes.

The best fun of all was campaigning for President Obama and watching him win.  I will remember 2008.  It was the year that the people won and the collapse of the economy was the collapse of the GOP ideology.

Enough said.