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The Final Journey – The Inauguration

January 21, 2009

OATH-mediumvariable My daughter (11 yrs old) and I started our improbable journey at 10:30 pm Monday evening.  Upon our arrival at the Bus Station we were presented with the typical confusion and mind numbing cold.  I believe the temperature was in the 20s.  It had crossed my mind that if I was having difficulty handling New York City cold how was I going to withstand the cold in Washington for hours on end?  No matter I was happy to be on my way.


We arrived in Washington, D.C. that Tuesday morning at 5:30 am. and were very excited about beginning our journey.  We felt the cold but was eager to put it behind us and begin our quest to participant in the inauguration.

The lines were phenomenal and mind numbing.  The ticket groups were broken into silver, purple and yellow.  As life would have it there were more tickets then seats and lines were moving very slowly, snail crawling slow.  At about 10:30 am I decided to ditch the whole ticket viewing spot and decided to go for the National Mall viewing.  I didn’t want my daughter to miss President Obama taking the oath, which to me was the most important part.  Getting out of line was not easy, much less getting to the National Mall.  The crowds were daunting, massive and never ending.  But there was no missing everyone’s excitement.  It seemed that people came from all over the country and from out of the country as well.

DSC00567 DSC00569

We finally made it to the National Mall.  By time we got there everything on me hurt and everything on me was freezing.  We could not have been there more than 30 minutes before every fiber in me rebelled against the unending cold.  My daughter was not a happy camper either.  I once again came up with the plan to return to Union Station, some where I knew was warm and offered giant screens showing our new president taking the oath.


Once again, a good plan with a drawn back.  There was very few resources to facilitate the execution of my plan.  With all the various street closings, subways stations closed down and ticket lines to fight against we were not making rapid headway.  After several pit stops, including a deli and McDonald’s to restored some of our massive body heat lost


and a very long walk to find a subway that was actually open where we could get back to Union Station we finally had some success.



I must admit where the sidewalks were exceedingly clean, the subway lacked that same attention.  There was much garbage located in the subway cars and in the subway seats.  No matter, we finally arrived at our destination, Union Station were warmth was in abundance.  Of course it crossed my mind that I could have stayed at home and enjoyed the inauguration without half the drama and numb freezing cold.  Just call me crazy, but I was more than happy to enjoy the thought that I was there participating in my new President’s first day of office.

DSC00579 By time I sat down to listen to my new President take his oath and give his speech, I was cold beyond belief and my hands were way too shaky to continue to try to take pictures.  I was having serious thoughts about trying to catch a plane and getting the hell home.  I tapped down my desire to run home and settled down and watched the show.  After which I took my daughter out to lunch.  I did notice that there was a lot of construction going on, minus any body working on the constructions.

DSC00581 Didn’t quite find out what that was all about, but it was all over the place.  Nevertheless, I was very happy to see 2:30 pm and knew I could head back to the bus and get ready to get back to normal.  My poor baby was happy to have seen the inauguration and her new hero, President Obama; but, she was more than ready to go home too.

DSC00586Would I do this again after this experience?  Oh, hell no.  Am I glad I did it this time?  Very much so.  I’ve become a part of history that I can pass on to my children’s children and you can’t top that.