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TVA Coal Ash Sampling Trip

December 31, 2008

Just as can be expected, there is little being done to clean up the mess of the coal spillage in TN by the coal company. Why do we even bother to have the EPA? What is the point of such an agency? To protect the private investors of private companies?

That the city had the nerve to tell people that the water was safe is what is so disgusting. How in the hell can water that is filled with millions of pounds of toxic waste be deemed safe by any stretch of the imagination?

Of course now they are reporting that the water is not safe a full week later. The crap our current administration gets away with is absolutely scandalous and would make for a great movie if it wasn’t so real.

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Asteroid Impact (HD)

December 28, 2008

Okay this one caught my attention. This is what the impact of an Asteroid, that was large enough, would have if it hit the earth and landed in the pacific ocean. This is not pretty.

While people are worrying about arguing over the right versus left.  In such a situation as depicted in this video, the Bible would not save any of us.  Wishing science away will not save us either.

We need to reflect on other possibilities that makes subjects like left vs right moot.  Hm…say an economic meltdown, perhaps?

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