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Prayers Is Not the Answer

February 24, 2009

It is down right pitiful to listen to people like Gov. Sanford (R-SC) tell his constituents that he sends his prayers, while the people are bleeding.  I don’t know which stupid republican thought that now is the time to start campaigning for the presidency of 2012, but they were wrong.

The suffering of the people is taking place now, in every state.  This game of the republicans dedicated to proving they have relevancy can only be labeled as anti-American.  I thank my lucky stars that I do not live in SC or LA where the presidential aspiration of being the perfect GOP ass reigns.

I don’t see this crap withstanding the test of time.  There will have to be some caving if Sanford or Jindal expect to be Governors in 2010.  The people’s tolerance will not stand for too much more of this nonsense.  This is nothing but worthless sound bites anyway; especially, since we all know the State can overrule the governors and accept the money anyway.  How will that look?  Like mud in the face of both Sanford and Jindal.

Go Republicans bitches, go.


GOP Tribute To Bush

January 25, 2009

WTF??!! I warned you that I refuse to pretend that Bush did anything but destroy our country. Here is Rep. Trent Franks and others trying to give praise to that bastard Bush that made sure that the American people (especially those that still had brain matter) knew how he felt. What is this? The GOP fighting the GOP? Is this a warning message for those GOP members that plan to come out and sign a petition that Bush was not a republican?

I know damn well, this is not a real tribute. For what? Bush did only one thing and that was destroy America by bringing this country to the brink of destruction and he gets a tribute? Are we now going to put up statues of Hitler to give him his props as well? How disgusting the GOP is in their confusion while trying to find their identity. Or is this an example of listening to too much Rush Limbaugh? What ever, this is pathetic and once again, so damn sad.

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