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Rove: “No one that I know of is talking about tax cuts only”

February 8, 2009

Well more lies from the scum of the earth (see previous post for this new republican title). I guess Rove has lost his phone book and no longer speaks with the other scum of the earth republicans since I know for a fact that Sen. John McCain offered a bill in the senate that was all tax cuts and Sen. Jim DeMint offered up his version that was another bill filled with nothing but tax cuts and would be totally ineffective at creating any jobs.

Boy this scum just keeps creeping from the sewer, only this time they have opened up a flood gate of their disgusting bile.

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Conservatives Who Supported Bush Tax Cuts: Recovery Costs Too Much!

February 8, 2009

This is why I call the republicans Liars, Jackals and Bull Shit Artist. Not a one of those bastard had a problem with Bush’s $1.35 trillion tax cut in 2001. Oh no, that amount for big business was very appropriate. I have now decided to demote the republicans from their current standing in my view to the title of “Scum of the Earth.” That is so where they belong.

See Chart Below (compliments of ThinkProgress.Org)

2001 2009
Cost of package: $1.35 trillion $900 billion
Unemployment: 4% 7.6%
Percent of Population Living In Poverty: 12.7% 17%
Foreclosure Rates: .48% 1.19%
Americans Relying On Food Stamps: 17 million Over 30 million

Kyl: “I was there when the president signed into law the tax cut. … [I]f that isn’t one of the best things we can do to get this economy going again, then it seems to me that the American people might well lose confidence in what we’re doing, which would be the worst thing to do for the economy.” [Finance Committee Hearing, 10/3/2009]

Ensign: “Well, I don’t know that we’re going to get to the — you know, the total $1.3 trillion tax cut. I do think the tax cuts are necessary right now.” [CNN, 1/3/01]

Graham thought the cuts were so effective he wanted to make them permanent. But the tax cuts they championed proved to be extremely ineffective, leading to the slowest period of economic growth in decades.

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Steele’s new talking point: govt has never created a job. ever.

February 4, 2009

Okay making statements only work if you don’t contradict them before you’ve even made them that same morning.

Just that morning on NPR, no less, Steele acknowledge that the recovery package would create several hundred thousands jobs at best. Let’s just say Steele is on point for talking out of both sides of his mouth which is currently the republican way.

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Last Post of the Night: World’s Worst – FOX’s Fools, Pandit, Fuld

January 27, 2009

Here’s The Worst person in the world. Fox took the bronze with their usual flair for what they do best, lie, fear monger, and distort. Then you have the silver medal winner Citigroup for buying a $50 million dollar jet after getting $45 billion in TARP money. Finally, you have the gold winner Lehman Brothers, Richard S. Fold, Jr. (might have spelled that wrong but so what?) who sold his mansion for $100 (it cost $13 million) so he could not be sued and pay back what he owes if he was sued. Jeez, you got to love the CEOs of America.  Nothing says prick like they do.

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The Right Wing has gone buck wild

November 15, 2008

These right wing nuts are causing me to want to have my own pulpit.  That way I can devote my time advocating for the removal of the catholic church from our society.  There is no question that they have become completely unhinged.  I’ve seen children with temper tantrum that did not go this far.

Caster said the Rev. Sebastian Meyer humiliated her in front of the congregation, saying from the pulpit, “We cannot have a car with Obama signs written on it on these premises. And I don’t care who Obama is.”

He continued, “I want this car off the premises in 10 minutes or it will be towed. Whoever’s vehicle this is, I want it removed. I don’t want to see that car anywhere around here,” she said.

The Rev. Meyer did not return calls. An attempt to speak to him face to face ended abruptly Wednesday morning when he announced, “No, we’re not writing that,” and attempted to snatch a reporter’s notebook away.

Caster said the priest followed her and her 10-year-old son out of the church and refused to let her park anywhere in the parking lot. She had to come back after the service to pick up her parents, who were visiting from Kenya.

She has since forgiven the pastor, she said, but noted a definite tone in his voice. “It was something to the effect of, I don’t care who Obama is, he won, get over it,” she said. “It seems there was some anger and animosity in his tone. You could feel the Holy Spirit sucked out of the church.”

So now the theory is to humiliate the parishioners?  This is the part I love.  I get to go on my rant regarding these bigoted false prophets.  They have the unmitigated gall to preach and lecture the world at large about the love of God, while they practice and perpetuate hate in it’s highest form?  These are the same people that tried desperately to hide the fact that their bigoted priest and bishops were raping little children and all they did to protect our children was send the rapist to another parish?  How dare they tell us who the hell we can vote for while practicing their own unscrupulous form of religious redemption.

Truly my opinion of the Catholic church is sinking to an all time low.

Enough said.


How did those smears work?

November 8, 2008

I just saw something that had me laughing way too much.  The right wing nuts tried so hard to paint a picture of Obama being everything bad, inclusive of the kitchen sink.  But this site has a full sum up of how well that worked.  Stupid.

Enough said.