Last Post of the Night: Daschle Bows Out

February 4, 2009

Part of me was not happy about Tom Daschle bowing out.  I will be perfectly honest, I did not care about Daschle tax problem since I am one of those people that have no interest in paying income taxes.  Yes I do pay my taxes, but damn if I don’t try to find ways not too.

Of course another part of my being opposed to Daschle stepping down had a lot more to do with the republicans constant quackery and the so called liberal media’s constant prattle over the subject.  It does not help that the republicans are constant liars and the media is anything but liberal while both groups gave  a free pass to all of Bush and others  criminal acts.

On the other hand I had to respect the decision that have been made and the desire of my new president to accept that he was placed in an embarrassing situation.  We probably lost some one that could have been a great asset to the health care problem.  I hope in time President Obama finds another way to bring him on board to assist with fixing our health care problem.

The question must be asked but what the hell was Daschle thinking?  He couldn’t pay his taxes three or four weeks ago?

Nevertheless I am digging the fact that my new President took total blame for this prickly situation.  No more Bush bullshit.  Our new President accepted the fact that what ever was wrong it was his ultimate responsibility.  He did not gloss it over or just lie to cover it up.  I could not ask for anything more.


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  1. I agree with everything you said. I read somewhere…and agree…that the Republicans don’t get to play “GOTCHA!” when Obama steps right up and takes the blame for what happened. He’s acting like an adult…something that Bush never did.

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