The Stimulus Bill — Presented by President Obama

February 6, 2009

Nothing could sell this package better then man that authored it.  President Obama gave a speech today at the U.S. Energy Department and he was brutal and wasted no time in establishing the flawed logic of the republican party.  The President also took the time to remind us (American people) that this package was created for us, not failed ideology that has been proven not to work (let’s just say the economic meltdown has given credence to that argument).  Furthermore, he also took the time to show the [republicans] childishness over nit picking in their opposition to certain components of the bill.

I think the republicans need to fully understand the simple fact that the American people do not, I repeat do not, have their backs.  Bipartisanship is being overplayed.  No one really cares if the republicans get a chance to participate.  If the republicans desire to jump on the bang wagon of getting things done, fine.  But, if they plan to continue to whine, bitch, moan and groan, then they really need to get the hell out of the process.  No one care or feel sorrow that the republicans are being left out.

Maybe its time for a petition that will hopefully help the republicans understand no one but the yahoos, idiot sheep, conservative bigoted racist and wing nuts are listening.  It’s time they start fully understood their new position.  The republicans really need to get out of the way of the American people and what we need done.


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