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Another Republican Had to Cut the Umbilical Cord

February 24, 2009

Gov. Huntsman decided to let a little honesty blow out from the usual republican’s hot air (filled with lies) balloon.  It’s been 35 days since Obama became our president and the quackery has got to stop.  This full court press of nonsense is making the republican’s even less than marginal (crazy land is more or less what they are).  It is greatly appreciated to listen to some form of sanity coming from the republican party.  I hope a few of them join reality and start seeing reason.  This is not a democrat versus republican problem, this is a United States problem.  I can only wonder if some of them really think they can get re-elected with their current game playing obstructionist way?  I know their sheep is dumb, but sorry the sheep is marginal too.


The Stimulus Bill — Presented by President Obama

February 6, 2009

Nothing could sell this package better then man that authored it.  President Obama gave a speech today at the U.S. Energy Department and he was brutal and wasted no time in establishing the flawed logic of the republican party.  The President also took the time to remind us (American people) that this package was created for us, not failed ideology that has been proven not to work (let’s just say the economic meltdown has given credence to that argument).  Furthermore, he also took the time to show the [republicans] childishness over nit picking in their opposition to certain components of the bill.

I think the republicans need to fully understand the simple fact that the American people do not, I repeat do not, have their backs.  Bipartisanship is being overplayed.  No one really cares if the republicans get a chance to participate.  If the republicans desire to jump on the bang wagon of getting things done, fine.  But, if they plan to continue to whine, bitch, moan and groan, then they really need to get the hell out of the process.  No one care or feel sorrow that the republicans are being left out.

Maybe its time for a petition that will hopefully help the republicans understand no one but the yahoos, idiot sheep, conservative bigoted racist and wing nuts are listening.  It’s time they start fully understood their new position.  The republicans really need to get out of the way of the American people and what we need done.


Kristol: GOP should oppose stimulus to prepare for health care fight

February 5, 2009

I just love it when the non-Washington ass holes speaks their minds. Don’t you? While they have their idiot sheep that lives on listening to their quackery following and trusting them blindly, the rest of us normal citizens have to say WTF?

Really, why is it that to be a republican now days you must give up all common sense, intelligence and your own standard of living (exception to bigots and racist who are just completely ignorant and stupid)?

That’s right, republicans, let’s fight the stimulus to avoid health care. You know that thing we all fucking need. Let’s keep it a burden for the middle and poor class.  I am so loving the GOP’s new trade mark. Nothing says fuck you America people (the bulk of us) like they do.

First it was fight the stimulus it to make a stance, then it was fight it to stop job creation, now it’s lets stop it to avoid dealing with saving those stupid fucking American lives.   Only in America can bullshit be passed off as ideology and freedom of speech.

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Oh No The Hell They Didn’t!

February 5, 2009

For those of you that are new and don’t know I use color language when I feel like it, now is the time to go to another post.  I am absolutely livid and have no plans of being polite.

I have been listening to the “not at all liberal” media bombard me with republican nonsense for the last few weeks over the stimulus package, that  it is evident that the republicans do not want to understand nor support the stimulus is a given, while they continue to play their fucking monkey game.

It has been grating to listen to them pull out their trumpets complaining over the least of things while looking at the sheep listen.  My goodness they are bitching about less than 1 fucking percent out of $819 (not $900 billion thanks to the senate).

But to find out that the money that was already spent on the TARP did not really curb business as usual in Washington is disturbing.  It was reported today that $114 Billion was spent on lobbying in 2008.  Let’s do some math.  We paid out $350 billion and could have saved $114 billion, making what we gave out $116 billion, had it not been spent on advocating Washington for further failed strategies.

The Center for Responsive Politics reports today that beneficiaries of the $700 billion Troubled Assets Relief Program “have spent a total of $114.2 million on lobbying in the past year and contributions toward the 2008 election.” The companies’ political activities in 2008 “have, in part, yielded them $295.2 billion from the federal government,” which the Center notes is “an extraordinary return of 258,449 percent.” The Wall Street Journal reported last week that “Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner announced rules aimed at curbing the influence of lobbyists, politicians and others in determining which firms get bailout cash.” [h/t]

I just love listening to the “liberal media” put all their emphasis on President Obama and what is right and, mostly what is wrong with his stimulus package and, not even finished, administration; but yet at the same time continue to give the republicans, just like fucking Bush, a free pass for their fucking quackery.  There is no hope is we do not start rebelling over this utter bull shit.


Conservatives still peddling misleading CBO analysis of recovery bill

February 4, 2009

The lying quackery just has no end in sight when it comes to the republican party.  Dishonesty, lies and misinformation seem to be the order of every got damn day they open their fucking mouths.

Unfortunately the CBO has put out the real report.

I don’t expect the Republicans or the establishment press to issue public corrections, but an actual CBO report on the Senate recovery bill was released and — holy crap on a stick! — lookit:

The budget office found that $694 billion of the bill’s total $884 billion cost would be spent during the first 18 months after enactment, or a spend-out rate of 78%.And what else? Here’s actual text from the report summary:

CBO anticipates that implementing this legislation would have a noticeable impact on economic growth and employment in the next few years.So how many ridiculous, unfounded Republican talking points will have to be debunked before the establishment press stops taking these know-nothing hooples seriously? Zero credibility on the economy. Zero!

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Its Not Even The Morning…But By God Morning Joe is Filled with Madness

February 3, 2009

I know freedom of speech is key in our country; but, why is it the only speech I hear so freely is some right wing nut bull shit?  As can be expected when the wing nut native speaks we are all forced to listen.  The new agenda for the GOP fruit loops is to put the working poor out of the mix in receiving any tax benefits.   After all Joe  Scarborough himself said the Republicans would not support giving tax breaks to the working poor.

How many times have we heard that President Obama is giving money to those that are not paying taxes?  The truth is simple.  It is not that these people are not paying taxes it’s that they make such low wages that very little is paid to Income taxe.  Pretty much close to 100% of these people work over 60 to 80 hours a week just to make that small amount.  Let’s face it folks none of us would want to be making minimum wage in our current economic climate.

The Republican party does what it knows best and uses key phrases to rile their idiot base.  They like to use terms like socialism, welfare, liberalism and nationalization to give their groupies a sense that they are being used or cheated by the government.  As I’ve stated in previous post, truth and reality are not a necessity when republicans speak.

It’s okay to keep the corporate welfare, currently called the TARP, going for banks, housing and insurance companies.  It’s okay to keep spending money to maintain GITMO, and its damn well okay to spend American dollars to rebuild and improve Iraq.  Nope, no complaints coming from the republicans camp over those expenditures.  Why should they complaint about that when they have Americans to crush?  How dare the working poor have expectation of a tax cut.  Never mind the new president said that’s what he would do, the republicans knows what’s best.  Their idiot base may pretend someone else destroyed our economy (know doubt they will soon be calling it President Obama’s economy), but I am not so forgiving.  I know how we went down the toilet.  Their idiot base can continue to blame Nancy, Dodds, Reid and Barney all they like; there was only one jerk running the government when we took the dive into the abyss, he’s name is Bush and not one of the house or senate republicans tried to stop him.  In fact they only tried to aid him.

As can be seen below, Joe and Mika, of Morning Joe, stays within the GOP talking points and do what the republicans do best, paint a picture even if it is bullshit.  After all, its the republicans job to destroy the American people (especially if you live in the middle or poor class) while they make sure America’s major corporations keeps rolling in  welfare dough (can we say corporate tax cuts anyone?).


David Dukes Raises Hell!

February 3, 2009

david-dumb-ass-dukesNow who would have guessed that the KKK branch of the GOP would find objection with Michael Steele?  Why?  Steele is preaching the standard “we will not change,” message.  He is giving the usual “us against them” message.  For the life of me, I can’t figure out why David Dukes would say this:

To Hell with the Republican Party!

GOP traitors appoint Obama Junior as Chairman of the Republican Party
I am glad these traitorous leaders of the Republican Party appointed this Black racist, affirmative action advocate to the head of the Republican party because this will lead to a huge revolt among the Republican base. As a former Republican official, I can tell you that millions of rank-and-file Republicans are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore! We will either take the Republican Party back over the next four years or we will say, “To Hell With the Republican Party!” And we will take 90 percent of Republicans with us into a New Party that will take its current place!
I think the insanity of nominating “Mr. Amnesty” John McCain and now this Black racist – will lead to insurgency in the Republican ranks, and a lot of dissidents getting elected in Republican Party primaries around the country. This will result over the next four years a real move by millions of Republicans to take the party back to the populist issues that are not only right but can win for the Republican Party. We must end affirmative action, protect our gun rights and all our constitutional rights, have a moratorium on immigration, we must have protectionism, yes I said protect American businesses and their workers from NAFTA and GATT and the lie of free trade, and we must have America First, not foreign interventionism. Our boys should be home protecting the American borders a not being murdered on the borders of Iraq or Afghanistan. The time as come for Republican Party to stand up to Obama and defend American heritage, rights, and freedom!

…Let’s make this abomination in the Republican Party, the last major party of White redoubt, as a rallying cry of resistance!

(h/t Pam’s House Blend)

Now what’s the GOP to do?  How will they reign in their racist sector?  Considering all the time and effort that Palin/McCain put in cultivating this group of misfits it doesn’t seem right that the GOP would abandon them so quickly.  I can only surmise that while the house and senate GOP are playing stimulus games they are not paying attention to the fact that the natives have become completely restless and are bordering on a rampage.