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Have The Conservatives Gone Completely AWOL?

February 24, 2009

Bristol Palin We are still in the twilight zone when it comes to Republican logic.  I guess if we all came from another planet then what Bristol Palin had to say about abstinence would be alien.  But we are not aliens and we heard her clearly.  She very explicitly said that abstinence is not realistic means for keeping teens from getting pregnant.

So why are these loons pretending Bristol said something else?  I’m having a hard time believing even the wing nuts are listening to this nonsense.  How could they?  Are the wing nuts retarded? 

Are these fools coming from la la land with this whole premise?  She suggested people wait because abstinence does not work and the reality is that if I, would I is all that is left after having a baby. 

Go Republicans go, you are so winning the war on failure.


Beltway Boys Claim New Deal Didn’t Work But Reaganomics Did

December 28, 2008

Time for a trip down the memory is really F__ked up lane, brought to you by your local kool-aide distributor Fox Fake News.

As Kondracke and Barnes push forth the theory of how President Obama’s economic stimulus will be as bad for the economy as FDR’s new deal was.  The fun time came when  they could not help themselves from taking that kool-aid sipping stroll down Reaganomics lane of BS.

Who could forget that during Reagan’s time how taxes increased, the deficit ballooned, and unemployment increased while job growth decreased.  Yes what fond memories of the good times gone by.   Fox Fake News just isn’t satisfied unless they can be categorized as nothing but complete BS.

The fact is, facts simply aren’t relevant to Republicans, since their economic views and objects of veneration are more appropriate to a religious cult than intellectual rigor. (You might want to get Will Bunch’s new book for a look at this phenomena – and why it’s so important.)

New York Times economic writer Daniel Gross debunks the wingnut mythology here:

It was only with the passage of New Deal efforts–the SEC, the FDIC, the FSLIC–that the mechanisms of private capital began to kick back into gear. Don’t take it from me. Take it from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, who wrote the following in Essays on the Great Depression: “Only with the New Deal’s rehabilitation of the financial system in 1933-35 did the economy begin its slow emergence from the Great Depression.”…

The argument that the New Deal’s efforts “perhaps had prolonged, the Depression,” is a canard. One would be very hard-pressed to find a serious professional historian–I mean a serious historian, not a think-tank wanker, not an economist, not a journalist–who believes that the New Deal prolonged the Depression. [Read the full post here.]

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Barnes and Krauthammer on Indefinte Detention

December 10, 2008

Okay let me state up front I think Krauthammer is an azz.  I, unfortunately, do not like him and he makes my skin crawl.  He has such a classic look of a F-up snob.

I digress, he wants us to pass a permanent detention law?  If terrorist are criminal why can’t we just lock them up legally for a duration of time?  What?  When the terrorist is stuck in prison for the rest of his/her life she/he’ll do what in the future?  Or, if he/she gets out when she/he’s 80 or 90 the terrorist world will be flocking to that person to strap the bomb on to get to mecca?

No, sorry, Bush’s agenda is dead.  Krauthammer is just pushing the same old agenda.  Hey Krauthammer, should we throw some torture in with that indictment? Just to keep it spicy.

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