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Kerry rips Republicans’ new-found love for housing

February 8, 2009

At least we finally have a democrat bringing attention to the scum of the earths quackery. This is just appalling the games that the scum wants to play. We need to take care of the housing problem, why didn’t they do that when Bush was in office? They ignored it then but now it’s a problem? It was a problem over a year ago. It was a problem before that and Bush and the scum of the earth did nothing. But they did get together in 2001 and vote on a $1.35 trillion tax cut package for Bush and they had no problem doing so. Before any of you sheep start off with your the democrats nonsense, at that time the senate, the house as well as the white house was ruled by the scum of the earth.

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Conservatives Who Supported Bush Tax Cuts: Recovery Costs Too Much!

February 8, 2009

This is why I call the republicans Liars, Jackals and Bull Shit Artist. Not a one of those bastard had a problem with Bush’s $1.35 trillion tax cut in 2001. Oh no, that amount for big business was very appropriate. I have now decided to demote the republicans from their current standing in my view to the title of “Scum of the Earth.” That is so where they belong.

See Chart Below (compliments of ThinkProgress.Org)

2001 2009
Cost of package: $1.35 trillion $900 billion
Unemployment: 4% 7.6%
Percent of Population Living In Poverty: 12.7% 17%
Foreclosure Rates: .48% 1.19%
Americans Relying On Food Stamps: 17 million Over 30 million

Kyl: “I was there when the president signed into law the tax cut. … [I]f that isn’t one of the best things we can do to get this economy going again, then it seems to me that the American people might well lose confidence in what we’re doing, which would be the worst thing to do for the economy.” [Finance Committee Hearing, 10/3/2009]

Ensign: “Well, I don’t know that we’re going to get to the — you know, the total $1.3 trillion tax cut. I do think the tax cuts are necessary right now.” [CNN, 1/3/01]

Graham thought the cuts were so effective he wanted to make them permanent. But the tax cuts they championed proved to be extremely ineffective, leading to the slowest period of economic growth in decades.

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Last Post of the Night: Closing on Two Subjects

February 5, 2009

I am going to call it a night (since I must go to work in the morning) discussing the quackery of the republicans and the media over the stimulus bill, and something I read earlier that compared President Bush sitting in a chair reading to second graders and President Obama reading to second graders.

First let me deal with the stimulus.  It is, once again, becoming embarrassing that we Americans are being portrayed as stupid.  Our new president has had the foresight to create a stimulus that covers both the short term and the long term.  Yet, we have allowed the media to voice every weak ass opposition from the republican party to an extent that the only words associated withthe stimulus bill is pork, wastful and garbage.  The media has created and promoted the acceptability of the republican –who were the ones that destroyed our economy with their trickle down non regulated nonsense — party’s premise that there is something wrong with the stimulus and that thought have infiltrated our every breath even though it is nothing more than republican regurgitated bullshit.  My question is simple… how long must we go along with this nonsense?  Until another 2 million people have lost their jobs?  Until every middle class home owner is in foreclosure?  Or, until people start dying?  When do we tell the republicans to just shut the fuck up?

The republican party have their idiot sheep (formerly known as their base) that want to continue championing the cause of stupid (since they are stupid) and they turned to the conservative owned media with their very not-really-liberal reporters to tell the American people day in and day out religiously how flawed the stimulus bill is.  Of course it doesn’t bother most of the sheep that the republicans are only arguing over less than a percent of the stimulus.  Either they are completely ignorant or so filled with bitterness they can’t recognized that they are being scammed.  It makes perfect sense to the sheep for America to stay in the toilet, after all the great one, Rush Limbaugh, told them so.  So what if the government didn’t do anything for them during a hurricane, flood, tornado, or any other natural disaster, they are sheep and proud of it.

It is, in a way, a public relations coup that the stimulus has been boiled down to, as one Hill Democrat puts it, “funding for the arts, funding for the mall, and funding to fight AIDS.” Those aspects of the legislation, as the White House points out, constitute a mere 7/100th of one percent of the entire package. Moreover, the size of the legislation is not even the most pertinent topic of debate. For many economists, the issue isn’t whether the stimulus is too large, but whether it goes far enough in producing a new economic structure instead of patching up the old one.

Critics of the recovery bill have also earned their stripes by arguing that the stimulus, by sending money to many different places, won’t be stimulative. The legislation’s authors respond that many parts of the plan serve a dual purpose: to spur the creation or retention of jobs while setting the stage for more durable markets.

As you can surmise, I have a serious problem with this current trend of adopting stupid (republican ideology) as the way to go.  After 8 years of doing nothing, I am in strong opposition of us continuing to do nothing.  Less government my ass.  After 8 years of no government — a mantra the republican party is damn proud of — and the American people being in the toilet for that ideology, I have a seriously low tolerance for listening to anyone suggesting that less government is the way to go.  I find nothing wrong with the government helping to erase the mess that a previous fucked up government created.  As a proud American, it is the height of stupidity to note that we have groups and organization that will reach out to save cockroaches, but on the other hand have groups and organization that will balk at saving another human being.  It is quite ironic that if the government dare reach out and help its people it is immediately considered to be socialism.  How utterly stupid in concept and intelligence.  Where is the logic in saying you want to save an unborn fetus, but when it comes to giving health care to the already born you will fight such a concept tooth and nail? It gives such meaning to our humanitarian efforts to know that we will send money to help the poor of another country while pissing on our own poor with every excuse we can dig up.

The whole concept of the republican party is dead and it is their sheep that they play their sick song to.  They need someone, any fucking body, to help champion their cause of we love you but its about big business only (under the guise of free market and capitalism).  I can understand the yahoos (goodness knows their bigotry and racism has blinded them), but what about the rest of us?  There are so many key committees that we can get involved with to help push the stimulus through.  Here are just a few.  But there are so many more.  We do not have to stand for this shit just because the non-bias (non liberal) media are trying to tell us, with their counterpart the republicans, what to do.

The Democratic beast have been released in other ways.  Its not so much that all of are extremist, but we are in love with our country and right is right and wrong is very much wrong.  We want justice and a sense of fairness for paying our taxes and living by the rules.  The shit the republicans are currently perpetrating have not one thing to do with fair or justice (only big business — fuck that).

My other subject of choice is due to what I can only surmise is the media’s way of trying to assist President Bush rewrite his legacy.  How…HOW can any one compare Bush sitting in a chair reading to second graders a book about goats while New York was being attacked to President Obama reading to second graders while not a fucking thing was happening, but Daschel bowing out of being the Health Czar.  Such comparisons is beyond logic and comprehension.  There is absolutely unequivalently no fucking comparison.  I am getting sick and tired of this Bush comparison that President Obamamust go through with the conservative owned so called liberal media.  There is nothing fair or balance in that comparison.  It is pure bullshit.  I live in New York and the two don’t even come fucking close.  When Bush was sitting on his, I don’t know what the fuck to do ass, I watched my world being destroyed.  When President Obama was sitting on his ass, not ONE REAL TERRORIST ATTACK was taking place.  So my question to this nonsense is simply WTF?  Are we really going to allow the conservatively owned non liberal media to call the shots on our common sense and intelligence?

I think MSNBC just compared President and Mrs. Obama’svisit with second graders yesterday to My Pet Goatand 9/11. But I’m not 100 percent certain. At around 9:20 a.m. eastern, Tamron Hall threw to Contessa Brewer who said:

CONTESSA BREWER: Tamron, this was something of a flashback for many of us. As his nominee for Health Secretary was going down, the first couple paid a surprise visit to a DC charter school to read a book to children. It was a trip that was planned, but not announced. After the book, the president took questions from boys and girls who are the same age as his daughter, seven-year-old Sasha.You make the call, but I’m pretty sure Brewer compared the event yesterday to My Pet Goat.

UPDATE:Maureen Dowd did it too. Eric Boehlert quotes Dowd:

On 9/11, President Bush learned of disaster while reading “The Pet Goat” to grade-school kids. On Tuesday, President Obama escaped from disaster by reading “The Moon Over Star” to grade-school kids.Sweet merciful crap. So Tom Daschle withdrawing his nomination for HHS is like a terrorist attack in which 3,000 people were killed. And President Obama reading to school children while Daschle withdraws is just like Bush’s frozen state of torpor while Americans were dying in New York.

Very serious! I’m so glad the New York Times and MSNBC are in the tank for Obama.

I don’t fucking think so.  The media is currently operating on the premise that we are center right.  I don’t think so.  If such was the case McCain and empty headed Palin would be who we were talking about.  Just like the republicans will find out when its time for a vote again that the American people are not so forgiven; especially to a group that think they can step all over us to support their nonproductive agenda.  As I so boldly stated a few days ago, the time is growing closer for pink slips to be given out.  We must remove the cancer we call our republican lawmakers, senators and congress and show them what the hell we are made of, and it isn’t center-right.

It is pathetic and pitiful to note that the so called liberal media gave Bush, who completely destroyed our world, a pass.  But now dare to say that they will be more critical where President Obama is concerned.  Translated that means that every non impactful moment of President Obama’s life will be critiqued.  Please.  Media don’t play concerned citizen now; especially if what you are reporting is in the category of bull shit.


Kristol: GOP should oppose stimulus to prepare for health care fight

February 5, 2009

I just love it when the non-Washington ass holes speaks their minds. Don’t you? While they have their idiot sheep that lives on listening to their quackery following and trusting them blindly, the rest of us normal citizens have to say WTF?

Really, why is it that to be a republican now days you must give up all common sense, intelligence and your own standard of living (exception to bigots and racist who are just completely ignorant and stupid)?

That’s right, republicans, let’s fight the stimulus to avoid health care. You know that thing we all fucking need. Let’s keep it a burden for the middle and poor class.  I am so loving the GOP’s new trade mark. Nothing says fuck you America people (the bulk of us) like they do.

First it was fight the stimulus it to make a stance, then it was fight it to stop job creation, now it’s lets stop it to avoid dealing with saving those stupid fucking American lives.   Only in America can bullshit be passed off as ideology and freedom of speech.

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Oh No The Hell They Didn’t!

February 5, 2009

For those of you that are new and don’t know I use color language when I feel like it, now is the time to go to another post.  I am absolutely livid and have no plans of being polite.

I have been listening to the “not at all liberal” media bombard me with republican nonsense for the last few weeks over the stimulus package, that  it is evident that the republicans do not want to understand nor support the stimulus is a given, while they continue to play their fucking monkey game.

It has been grating to listen to them pull out their trumpets complaining over the least of things while looking at the sheep listen.  My goodness they are bitching about less than 1 fucking percent out of $819 (not $900 billion thanks to the senate).

But to find out that the money that was already spent on the TARP did not really curb business as usual in Washington is disturbing.  It was reported today that $114 Billion was spent on lobbying in 2008.  Let’s do some math.  We paid out $350 billion and could have saved $114 billion, making what we gave out $116 billion, had it not been spent on advocating Washington for further failed strategies.

The Center for Responsive Politics reports today that beneficiaries of the $700 billion Troubled Assets Relief Program “have spent a total of $114.2 million on lobbying in the past year and contributions toward the 2008 election.” The companies’ political activities in 2008 “have, in part, yielded them $295.2 billion from the federal government,” which the Center notes is “an extraordinary return of 258,449 percent.” The Wall Street Journal reported last week that “Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner announced rules aimed at curbing the influence of lobbyists, politicians and others in determining which firms get bailout cash.” [h/t]

I just love listening to the “liberal media” put all their emphasis on President Obama and what is right and, mostly what is wrong with his stimulus package and, not even finished, administration; but yet at the same time continue to give the republicans, just like fucking Bush, a free pass for their fucking quackery.  There is no hope is we do not start rebelling over this utter bull shit.


I’m Having A Real Problem with The GOP & Rush’s Problem with Job Creation

January 27, 2009

rush-the-slobRush Limbaugh also seems to have a problem with the the stimulus package going through because of the jobs it would create.  I’ve discussed this subject before.  I’m having a hard time even pretending that I like the wing nuts (such as Rush) or the GOP for that matter.

Considering all the jobs that are still being lost (while those that are in the executive positions continue to go on junkets, buy jets, and give bonuses), I’m finding little reason to respect those that oppose Americans getting back to work and have some sort of job security and confidence in our economy.

Limbaugh has encouraged Republicans to oppose the stimulus plan because it would give Democrats an electoral advantage by creating new jobs.

“I think Obama wants me to fail,” Limbaugh said. “President Obama, by telling you and the elected Republicans in Washington to not listen to me because I am not how things get done in Washington, he has said that he wants me to fail.

That this overpaid piece of turd thinks that what President Obama said was about him being important, really only shows Rush is suffering from self delusion.  More to the point, President Obama was stating the obvious.  The GOP needs to stop listening to the right wing set of their party and start making decisions based on the bulk of the American people.

Let’s see just how many GOP representatives say they stand behind Rush.  So far I am still waiting.  Rush also has his manifesto out about the Obama-Limbaugh Bipartisan Stimulus.  Trust me it is filled with Rush’s usual misinformation and paranoid.  You want to read it, Google it.


Cantor’s obsession: Grass on the National Mall

January 23, 2009

Let’s talk about Cantor and his great concern about imaginary money being spent on cutting the grass in Washington. But first, let look at his wife.  Isn’t it funny how she works at a bank that received $267 million in bailout money?

Hm…politics sure makes for strange stories.  Now on to Cantor’s false statement.

he completely inverts the truth. The draft version of the House stimulus bill released last week plans for four times as much spending on “creating small business opportunity” than National Mall renovations. These figures don’t even include the plan’s $20+ billion in business tax cuts, of which small businesses will be able to take advantage

As usual when it comes to stating real facts versus fiction the republicans’ have a lock on fiction.  The GOP are still banking on fear mongering to keep the American people in line.  This is just so utterly sad.

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